Congratulations to the 2021 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) winners! This year, the U.S. Department of State held its 11th annual AEIF competition and exchange alumni from 62 winning teams and 58 countries received funding for their projects.

We received ​hundreds of competitive applications worldwide from alumni who have participated in U.S. government-funded and facilitated exchange programs. The topics of the winning projects include:

  • Resources and Education to Improve Global Health, Especially Pertaining to Public Infrastructure and Young Women’s Health in Schools
  • Assistance for Refugees of Political and Sexual Violence Through Medical and Social Intervention
  • Climate and STEM Education to Promote Environmental Sustainability and Youth Employment
  • Gender Equality and Supporting Women’s Political, Economic, and Civic Participation

Since its inception in 2011, AEIF has funded over 500 alumni-led projects around the world. AEIF supports alumni initiatives that promote shared values, strengthen democratic institutions, and provide innovative solutions to global challenges.

AEIF 2021 Winners by Region

AEIF 2021 Winners by Region

Europe and Eurasia

Armenia: Let’s Talk: Talking App for Non-Verbal Individuals will support the development of an app for individuals with limited to non-verbal speech capacity. The first of its kind in the Armenian language, the app will provide supported communication with an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) device, aiming to improve inclusion and participation in daily life for non-verbal individuals. (University Administration Support Program (UASP), Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program) 

Bulgaria: The USYC Bulgaria Podcasting Initiative will create 50 podcast episodes highlighting youth voices connected with the U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council (USYC) in Bulgaria. The podcast aims to build entrepreneurial capacity among Bulgarian youth in the area of sustainable development, produce empowering content that contributes to the personal and professional development of youth, and highlight various initiatives led by youth across Bulgaria. (Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship, IVLP, J-1 Summer Work and Travel) 

CyprusSTEAM for Peace and Entrepreneurship aims to deliver a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) Camp for 100 Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot kids (11-13 years old) inside the UN-controlled buffer zone of Cyprus. By taking part in hands-on experiments to collectively problem-solve with the universal language of science, young people from the politically separated communities will grow as young leaders while learning side-by-side with peers they have never met – breaking down stereotypes of “the other” and encouraging a united future for the island. (IVLP, Study of the United States Institute (SUSI), YTILI) 

Czech RepublicBreaking Barriers - Public Space as a Place of Discussion, Understanding and Multicultural Encounter of Communities will use art and culture to support the return to cultural and social life, with a focus on groups most disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. This project will facilitate activities, master classes, and community discussions to help encourage civic participation and to strengthen mutual understanding through a collaboration between Czech and Roma organizations. (IVLP) 

France: Konnected: the Fulbright France Mentee Program will pair students who complete a program course put on by its partner organization, Konexio, with French professionals among the France Fulbright network working in various fields. Konexio offers training in basic computer literacy, digital skills, and computer programming to disadvantaged populations, notably recently-arrived migrants and unemployed youth in France. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide Konexio students with access to French professionals who can offer professional expertise and guide students through the beginning steps of their foray into the professional world. Konexio will employ innovative teaching methods, including using film as a medium, to expand the access of its mentees to a diverse and global set of mentors through the Fulbright network. (Fulbright)

GreeceBringing More Greek Women into Politics: "Women CANdidates" will be the first online community in Greece for women aspiring to run for office and those interested in politics and leadership. The project will help women network and form connections, clarify their political aspirations, and provide training that will help them to create a campaign platform to run for office. Ultimately, this unique community will contribute to promoting gender equality by encouraging women to run for elected office. (IVLP) 

HungaryEnvironmental Sensitization Through Painted Selective Waste Cans in Schools in the Tisza Region will bring together Hungarian and Ukranian high school students in the Tisza region to combat environmental pollution through recycling and waste-collection programs. Alumni will hold presentations on recycling and lead workshops on painting waste cans which will be prominently placed in local schools. (Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship, FLEX) 

Kosovo: The School Learning Hubs project will facilitate the creation of seven extracurricular learning hubs in different municipalities of Kosovo. These hubs will foster innovative learning environments where U.S. exchange alumni will provide local students with the soft skills, such as, tech training, public speaking, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship skills, needed for workplace success, seeking to align the youth workforce with the needs of the modern economy. (IVLP, Transformation Leadership Program (TLP), Youth Exchange Program (YES), Open World Leadership Program (OWLP)) 

SloveniaGeoBioBlitz 2021: Mountains and Climate Change is a citizen science initiative that will highlight climate change and environmental science by focusing on the effects of climate change on mountain ecosystems, a common challenge for both the U.S. and Slovenia. American and Slovenian environmental educators will engage with Slovenian students through workshops and field trips to raise awareness of the importance of responsible environmental stewardship. (IVLP, Fulbright Foreign Scholar Program) 

Spain: The Young Fulbright Professional Network (YFPN) aims to create a professional network for Fulbright alumni from or living in Spain. Created and led by Fulbright alumni, the network will mobilize members to share knowledge and ideas, promote the pursuit of higher education in the U.S., and work toward a long-term project based in Spain. (Fulbright Foreign Student Program) 

Turkey: The Continuous Education Project (CEP) will support Syrian and Turkish families living in the low-income neighborhood of Tepecik by providing training in entrepreneurship, job applications, interviewing, workplace technology, and business management. CEP will also provide educational workshops and opportunities for refugee children to support their integration into Turkish society. (Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES)) 

TurkeyWomen Support Women: Supporting Women Participating in Dialogue Development Process Through Peacebuilding Workshops and Inspiring Podcast Series Project will train approximately 75 women from minority and refugee communities throughout Turkey in techniques of peace-building and conflict transformation to serve as mediators in their communities. A podcast series, featuring women from around the world telling their stories, will amplify women’s empowerment among the target group.  (IVLP)


Middle East and North Africa

AlgeriaYouth Talks Program + will address gender inequality by training 60 youth from remote and underserved regions to become emerging voices in their communities for women’s empowerment. Through a series of workshops, participants will collaborate and experiment with innovative tools and methods to produce podcast content that focuses on youth empowerment, gender equality, social entrepreneurship, and the promotion of work of civil associations. (SUSI, Global Ugrade, MEPI for student leaders) 

IsraelCapacity Building Course for U.S. Embassy Alumni will aim to equip 20 alumni, who work or seek to work in civil society organizations, with grants application and management skills specifically geared toward U.S. federal awards. Instructors will teach participants how to design a project, write successful grant proposals, leverage public-private partnerships, and conduct social media outreach to amplify project impact. The course will help the Embassy cultivate new organizations as partners and strengthen ties between alumni to foster a strong and diverse alumni network. (Global Sports Mentoring Program, Across Borders) 

Saudi Arabia: The Youth Practitioners Boot Camp is a comprehensive three-day training program for 30 youth development leaders in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to help promote a cultural shift from older, male dominated traditional perspective to more youthful, gender-shared decision making across society. The program will consist of lectures, hands-on activities, case-studies, facilitated discussions and individual consultation sessions. These sessions are designed to equip youth workers to model independent thinking. Participants will gain skills to initiate, design and facilitate quality youth programs, and positively impact their respective youth-related organizations. (IVLP) 

YemenEngage Her with Technology to Promote Peace will provide training for 180 female university students in STEM fields and help improve their academic performance by teaching them how to conduct online research, expand scientific vocabulary and reading skills, and prepare them to succeed in their careers and society. The training will aim to strengthen the students’ leadership skills to become tutors and mentors and to champion the integration of the program into their universities’ curriculum. (E-Teacher Program)


South and Central Asia

BangladeshVoices of Bangladesh: The Journey to 50 will create a publicly accessible traveling library that will provide visitors with access to curated multimedia content capturing important moments in Bangladesh’s first 50 years and diplomatic ties with the United States. The project will record audio and video interviews with Bangladeshi leaders, activists, and exchange alumni to document and preserve their contributions in shaping the course of Bangladesh’s development and friendship with the United States. Stories will center around the voices and memories of women and other underrepresented communities whose contributions are often excluded from the historical archives, and will include discussions around topics such as inclusion, women’s rights, civic participation in a democracy, as well as freedoms of expression, assembly, and speech. (IVLP) 

IndiaKrishi Netri will build the capacity of women farmers by providing training on business and leadership skills, fostering mentorship on strong business practices, and creating a network of partners to increase access to markets and local supply chains. The project addresses a gap in women's entrepreneurship in rural areas of India by increasing women's participation across the country. (IVLP) 

KyrgyzstanInclusive Incubator for women entrepreneurs is a social entrepreneurship incubator that will lead an intensive 10-day enterprise development and leadership program, followed by a two-month long mentorship program. After development in the incubator, participants will launch products from their social enterprises. The project will strengthen the economic inclusion of vulnerable women in civil society, government, and other stakeholders. (FLEX, IVLP, Open World Program, Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program) 

Nepal: By working with school teachers, students, parents, and community members in rural Nepali communities, Strengthen the Role of School on Disaster Risk Reduction Education will build capacity of school teachers and youth to reduce disaster risk. Through training, workshops, and community events, the project will address Nepal's ability to deal with natural calamities, particularly by increasing awareness among the youth. Participants will engage in games around the subject, create education clubs, and organize community events on disaster awareness. The project will help rural Nepali communities to become more resilient, increase their understanding of risks, and enable them to respond appropriately during times of disaster. (Professional Fellowship: Governance and Society, IVLP) 

TajikistanThe First Instructional Design Company and E-Learning Platform in Tajikistan will bring together a group of instructional designers to provide training solutions and educational services to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions in Tajikistan. This project will create Tajikistan's first e-learning platform where educators can design, develop, and conduct their courses online. The platform will contribute to the education system’s digitalization by providing customized online courses for businesses and by developing online courses in Tajik and English. (Fulbright, SUSI Women Leadership Program, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program)


Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)

BotswanaGirls 4 Girls Botswana will bring together girls and mentors for networking, with the ultimate goal of increasing female participation in local and national politics. The project will prioritize marginalized groups and set them up for success by focusing on effective communication, leadership, and campaign management. (Botswana United States Alumni Association/YALI MWF) 

Burundi: Fighting Gender Based Violence and Pandemics Through Economic Resilience will empower rural women to combat COVID-19 through at-home income-generating activities and introduce social entrepreneurship. The alumni-led Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship (AMEBE) will lead this program to overcome gender-based violence (GBV) in Burundi and cultivate economic opportunities for women. (YALI MWF) 

CameroonPromoting Professionalism Through E-Mentoring and Networking will collaborate with YALI Cameroon, the Cameroon Association of Women in Media, and the TAYONG Centre for Leadership Development to mentor 300 young people with strategies and action plans for professional growth. The economic development opportunities for youth will help to equip participants with life skills and propel them into business. (The Cameroon Association of Women in the Media – AFMEC (2018 IVLP On Demand) and Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni Association - YALI- CAMEROON) 

EthiopiaEmpowering COVID-19 Aggravated Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Victims in Adama, Ethiopia will provide psychosocial and economic support to around 80 women and girls living in shelters. Participants may access micro-business mentorship groups, financial literacy training, and experience-sharing with an emphasis on human empathy and connections. (YALI RLC/MWF) 

Malawi: Business Training for 250 Women in Malawi will provide training workshops on business and entrepreneurship, allowing the participants to increase sales on their products made from waste.  The project will promote women’s education and economic empowerment, ensuring the participants can provide sustainable, holistic solutions to waste management, which will result in less pollution and spread of communicable diseases. (YALI RLC) 

MaliDjenné Clean Water Initiative will build rural communities’ knowledge of sustainable water management and response to effects of climate change, focusing on people-to-people relations and small-scale technical assistance to address possible tensions between deprived communities. 20 youth leaders will learn how to develop filters that purify ground and rainwater. The project directly supports advances in socioeconomic and environmental conditions. (YALI MWF/RLC) 

NigerNomadic Cinema, PEACE CARAVAN will focus on the film Zinder, based in Karakara Zinder and centering on the theme of radicalization in youth. To deter young people in Niger from joining gangs, the project will show the film on cross-regional buses to reach a wider audience and promote reflecting on concrete actions to counter the country’s regional and criminal threats. (YALI MWF) 

SenegalEmpowering Youth Associations supports Mission Dakar’s goal of providing improved educational opportunities to Senegalese youth. It will equip leaders of youth organizations with crucial professional skills such as project management, volunteer engagement, and communication. The project culminates with a capstone community service activity benefitting four regions of Senegal while promoting civic engagement and leadership among youth. (Association Sénégalaise des Alumni (ASA)- MWF, IVLP, YALI RLC, Fulbright) 

South AfricaKusini Water Champions will empower young people to operate water purification kiosks and gain sanitation management skills to boost public health in their communities.. The project is a continuation of a previously successful project funded by the Alumni Rapid Response Grant. (YALI MWF) 

South Sudan: Community Empowerment for Inclusive Permanent Constitutional Making Process will provide civil society organizations with knowledge and skills pertaining to community awareness and civic engagement. The team will work to support South Sudan’s democracy and human rights by educating the general public on their community responsibilities and awareness of the constitutional making process, in support of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. (YALI MWF/RLC) 

ZambiaAlumni Engagement in the Electoral Process - Promoting Democracy and Peaceful Elections in Zambia will enable 50 alumni to contribute towards free and fair elections by engaging with stakeholders and raising awareness about electoral matters. They will meet with voters to educate them about voting procedures, remind youth about their civic responsibilities, and promote accountability by serving as election observers. (YALI MWF/RLC)



Democratic Republic of CongoEmpower Her and Save the World will train young women to develop social entrepreneurship and professional skills through lessons on sustainable business models. The vulnerable young women, aged 18-30 years, will be better equipped for economic growth and management skills. (YALI, RLC) 

LiberiaAdvocacy for Action on Girl Friendly WASH in Schools Project aims to improve the water, sanitation, and health (WASH) environment affecting the menstrual health of girls in schools across Liberia. The project will encourage school districts to implement policies that allow access for clean and accessible toilets for students. The educational benefits of a sanitary learning environment benefits all students and promote Liberia’s human development through health and education. (Community Solutions Program, YALI MWF) 

Mozambique: Junior Enterprise Movement will expand the Junior Enterprises youth association at six different universities, encouraging students to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills that hone their professional viability in the labor market. The organization hopes to tackle the problem of high rates of youth unemployment in Mozambique and foster an environment of inclusivity and sustainable economic growth. (YALI MWF/RLC, Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement) 

NigeriaPads with a Difference will strengthen awareness around menstrual health for secondary school-age girls by educating them about chemical-free sanitary pads. Through the knowledge they gain, this project will allow 200 girls to stay in school without missing classes due to their menstrual period. (YES Alumni association taraba state chapter- Kennedy lugar youth exchange and study, IVLP) 

Nigeria: Reimagining Education X: The Teacher on the Move will train 300 high school teachers in virtual pedagogy – improving curriculum development, lesson planning, and student-centered teaching methods. The teacher training workshops will address the growing need for virtual education and new pedagogical skills, making education more inclusive and contributing to economic growth and human development. (TechWomen, Multi-Regional Program: The Roles of NGO in Promoting Global Women Issues) 

South AfricaGirlEng Technovation Programme - Inspiring Girls through STEAM will encourage young women to join STEAM fields by making them more fun and relatable, specifically for high school aged girls 14-18. The workshop will introduce them to cutting-edge technology and attempt to close the gap of female representation in STEM in South Africa. (IVLP, Fortune 500 Women's Mentoring Partnership) 

TanzaniaTanzania - Nisonger Center LEND ECHO Collaboration will implement the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) Project to teach evidence-based education for students diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The project aims to close the gap for students with IDD and create a more inclusive virtual learning environment. (Professionals Fellow Program - Inclusive Disability Employment) 

TogoSTAND OUT: Empowering the Current and Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs in Togo will empower 175 women in a leadership capacity by fostering entrepreneurship skills among female students and business owners. The mentorships provided will support a historically underrepresented group in Togo and promote trade and sustainable business practices with export opportunities to American markets. (African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP)) 


East Asia Pacific

Burma: Healing Burma project connects U.S. government alumni and mental health advisors to provide Psychological First Aid to those involved in the pro-democracy movement, which expands the provision of mental health and psychosocial support for target groups affected by the ongoing crisis. The project also aims to provide mental health support for emergent non-COVID health-related needs and spread awareness about the importance of mental health. (Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Academic and Professional Fellows programs and Fulbright Foreign Student and US-ASEAN Visitor Exchange programs) 

Cambodia: WESTEAM will utilize a train-the-trainer model to identify and train 10 university students to lead a three-month course which will introduce computer coding and robotics principles to a group of 30 young students. A follow-on exhibition will allow students to highlight the importance of STEAM education and closing the gender gap in this increasingly critical field. (Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellows and Fulbright Foreign Student Program) 

China: Building Cultural Bridges - Meeting America Through English will promote cultural exchange education to high school and university students through engaging campaign videos which will educate viewers on U.S. culture and the benefits of learning English. (Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) program) 

Hong Kong: Cultural KOL in the Making will introduce 20-30 high school students to the rich culture and history of Hong Kong. The seminars, field trips, and workshops will focus on cultural inclusion and human rights, underscoring the important role that multiculturalism has played in making the city one of the most diverse in Asia. (Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program and IVLP) 

IndonesiaThe Ngrobolin Indonesia Project will hold interactive seminars centering around stopping gender-based violence, bringing attention to sexual harassment and social perceptions to abuse and exploitations. The inclusive and interactive discussions will foster a community to alter perspective and ignite social action, raising awareness about these issues and encouraging a spirit of equality. (KL-YES (Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Study), IVLP), YSEALI Regional Workshop, and Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI)) 

Indonesia: From East to be the Best Young Scientists will pique interest in science and innovation among 200 high school students, where they are encouraged to learn and collaborate through their own innovative, hands-on technological projects. This is part of Indonesia’s mission to provide better technology for expanding peer-reviewed research and collaboration in science. (Study of U.S. Institutes (SUSI) and IVLP) 

Japan: Workshops Specializing in Support for Entering American Universities will help Japanese high school teachers support Japanese students who are interested in applying to universities in the U.S. by cooperating with a local educational teachers’ non-profit. This organization, originally initiated by Japanese students with experiences at U.S. colleges and universities, will host a series of online and/or hybrid webinars focusing on in-depth topics regarding the U.S. college application process. Participating teachers will also be connected with current Japanese students studying in the U.S. to learn how to better support their own students’ study abroad aspirations. (IVLP) 

Malaysia: YSEALI Malaysia Summit will work with YESALI alumni in Malaysia to launch a country-wide alumni association and increase virtual engagement on social entrepreneurship, democracy, and climate crises through mentorships, panel discussions, and exhibitions in hopes of supporting programs that cultivate inclusivity and resilience among the community. (Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Academic and Professional Fellows programs) 

Mongolia: Future Energy Leaders – Mongolia 2021 and Empowering Young Women in STEM will promote Mongolia’s goal of supporting the development of democratic institutions by encouraging the leadership capacity of 18 youth entrepreneurs and 20 female STEM professionals. These workshops will focus on gender equality, effective communication, and leadership management. (Leaders Advancing Democracy (LEAD) Mongolia Program, Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD), and Fulbright programs) 

Thailand: The Yeah WEGROW 2021 initiative will support 500 university students in launching their business ideas. The team projects will help them to develop social and innovative entrepreneurship skills for a new generation of Thai entrepreneurs, helping them to scale their impact and promote sustainable economic growth in Thailand. (Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Academic and Professional Fellows programs) 

Vietnam: Young Conservationists to Save the Wildlife will raise awareness among Vietnamese youth about the importance of wildlife protection and threats raised by illegal wildlife trade. The project will engage 800 high school and university students through a media campaign competition and a volunteer program at a national park to increase awareness and engagement about biodiversity conservation and sustainability. (Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellows and Fulbright programs)


Western Hemisphere

Antigua and Barbuda: Empowering Generations of Innovators Building Sustainable Economies and Increasing Environmental Resilience will empower youth by providing education and leadership training relating to climate change, including its short and long-term impacts, as well as effective adaptation and mitigation strategies. Through the project, participants will also undergo entrepreneurship training to encourage environmentally friendly businesses. (YLAI, US Embassy Youth Ambassador Exchange Program) 

Bolivia: Transforming the Future of Business: Inspira Triple Impact will foster the development of sustainable Bolivian social enterprises that positively impact local communities and the environment. The project will engage participants in training, mentorship, and outreach to increase capacities of inclusive businesses in Bolivia. (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative) 

Canada: ATLAS (Atlantic Academy of Space) will introduce Atlantic Canadian high school students to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, including space exploration and artificial intelligence. In cooperation with local project partners, the project will design a course to be delivered to 20 high school classrooms throughout the academic school year, providing over 600 high school students (particularly schools in Indigenous and Black communities) with critical guidance and insight into STEM careers. (STEM Education for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations, Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workforce Development) 

Canada: Calling out Greenwashing: Effective Environmentalism will provide youth with scientific tools to identify environmental issues and empower them to mitigate climate change through value-based decision-making. The training program and workshops will target youth aged 18-25, especially newcomers to Canada, women, and other marginalized groups. ( 
Youth Ambassadors Program) 

Ecuador: Strengthening Ecuador Alumni Engagement through Inspira, Fulbright and Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) will strengthen alumni leadership and engagement in Ecuador among the Inspira alumni network, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), and Fulbright. This project will support localized engagement of alumni in virtual and in-person events. Key activities include peer-led education and training programs and virtual leadership and conflict resolution courses. (Exchange Program: E-Teacher/Online Professional English Network, IVLP, Exchange Program: International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) (Virtual Exchange), Academy for Women Entrepreneurs) 

Guatemala: Alumni in Action 2022 is a one-year program to address drivers of irregular migration in youth. Alumni leaders will engage audiences in Guatemala, including youth at risk of migrating irregularly to the United States due to economic and social marginalization. The first module, Young Leaders United for Peace, will develop leadership, decision making, and critical thinking skills for young Guatemalans. The second module, The Women in Business Challenge, will improve administrative, financial, marketing, and innovation skills of women entrepreneurs. The third module, LGBTQI+ Media Narrative Creation, will train social leaders and creative changemakers from LGBTQI+ populations, developing their narrative skills to stimulate social change and improve citizen engagement. (UGRAD, SUSI, IVLP, YLAI, ICFJ Professional Fellows) 

Panama: Female Scientists of Today will motivate young women from rural areas of Panama to participate in a national robotics competition and to expand their education with English language and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. Through English training and comprehensive and tailored robotics courses, the project will develop community and vocational programs, particularly for youth at risk for involvement in gang or other criminal activity. (SUSI) 

PeruIntegrity, Innovation, Partnership: Strengthening U.S.-Peru Ties will highlight the contributions of US exchange alumni in Peru to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Peru through three social impact projects: 

  1. Integrity Idol will train high school students in building ethical values to strengthen a resilient democracy that fights corruption. 
  2. Women in IT Fest will highlight U.S. leadership in technology and inclusive IT careers for women on an interactive, virtual platform.  
  3. Meet the United States is a series of discussions with students from all regions of Peru to increase virtual exchange opportunities and bring U.S. culture and higher education closer to Peruvian students and universities. (Access, Peru’s Student Leaders for the 21st Century, SUSI, YLAI, IVLP, Emerging Young Leaders Award, Youth Leadership Program, Fulbright, Youth Ambassadors) 

Suriname: Ending Domestic Violence, One Home at a Time will respond to the recent increase of domestic violence that has taken place during the pandemic in the Caribbean and in Suriname. This project will collaborate with local partners to incorporate training and innovative digital and human resources to prevent and combat domestic violence and improve the quality of life of survivors. Project activities include the launch of a mobile app, creation of video documentaries telling survivors’ stories, and knowledge sharing through digital media and schools. (Youth Ambassador Exchange Program, IVLP, YLAI) 

Trinidad and Tobago: GPS Women and Girls “Empowerment” Summit Virtual Experience Across Borders aims to provide empowerment, advocacy, and raise awareness of the plight of women and girls across borders by promoting gender-based violence prevention and gender equality in governance. This project includes three components: A five-day workshop with women and girls from Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Ghana, India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka; a social media awareness campaign; and a five-day virtual global summit. Participants will explore and share their experiences and the phenomena of gender-based violence in their communities. They will also develop community-based solutions to an issue that is both global and personal. (IVLP) 

Venezuela: “Distintas pero Iguales” Program: Teen Girls Preventing Gender-Based Violence seeks to train and certify one hundred adolescent women, including 25 participants with hearing disabilities, as preventers of gender-based violence. The program will work with vulnerable communities of Caracas and Miranda, places with high rates of poverty, urban violence, gender violence, and femicide. The training will cover life skills, leadership and empowerment of women, tools for the facilitation of peer groups, and democratic values. It will also empower participants to take an active role in democracy and will promote the right of women to a violence-free life free. (IVLP)