NOTE: February 15, 2019 is the last day to request an Alumni account in order to meet the AEIF proposal submission deadline. Please start your request asap using the account inquiry form located here.

Do you have a great public service project in mind, but need funding to get it off the ground?

Are you ready to use the skills and knowledge you gained during your exchange experience?

If you answered yes, then you and your team of alumni could apply for – and win! – up to $25,000 through the 2019 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund competition. Since 2011, AEIF has supported more than 400 alumni-led initiatives around the world and reached millions of people both directly and indirectly through trainings, awareness campaigns, and leadership and empowerment programs. It’s not too early to start planning now: you can officially submit your final application via this website throughout the month of February. Check to make sure you can access your International Exchange Alumni online account, gather your team of three or more exchange alumni, think of a project that fits one of the following themes, and start working on your proposal now!

Applications for AEIF 2019 are now open. Submit your application by February 28, 2019.

Please note that while U.S. citizen alumni can participate on AEIF teams, they cannot submit AEIF applications and will be unable to access the application portal when logged on to their IEA accounts.

AEIF themes for 2019 are:

AEIF themes for 2019 are:

Empowering Women and Girls

Projects enhance or support empowerment that creates enabling environments so that women and girls are able to freely and fairly participate in civil society, the economy, government, education, and sports.


Fostering Economic Prosperity

Projects promote or develop best practices to nurture more gender-diverse business ownership, as well as innovative ventures that more broadly benefit society. Activities may include skills training, building awareness of job resources, or promoting job creation through information on entrepreneurship or business development. Proposals to create for-profit businesses or directly employ workers are not eligible for AEIF funding.


Building Civic Participation, Good Governance, and Resilient Communities

Projects support and promote active citizen participation, observation of the governmental/political process, promotion of good governance best practices, media literacy, volunteerism in community service projects; or help communities build resilience to natural disasters, violent conflict or extremism. Projects that support or oppose partisan political activity are not eligible for AEIF funding.


Advancing Science, Technology, Health, and Innovation

Projects promote awareness of and nurture a healthy innovation economy and improves STEM education. Proposals to provide direct social services (i.e. medicine) to a population are not eligible for AEIF funding. Proposals for research projects are not eligible for AEIF funding.


Promoting Inclusion and Educational Opportunity

Projects promote opportunity for education, particularly for under-represented or marginalized groups. Projects may also include mentorship programs in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM), or English language.

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Get ready now: sign into your account to check out the AEIF Helpdesk. There, you can find Frequently Asked Questions, as well as sample proposals, budgets, and guides to help you create a great proposal.

Need some inspiration? Check out the interactive map of the 2018 winners

How to Apply Video Tutorial


  • Friday, February 1: The AEIF competition begins at 14:00 ET (U.S. Eastern Time)! Alumni may start submitting proposals and budgets.
  • Friday, February 15: The deadline for requesting and verifying your account. If you send in your request for a new account after February 15, 2019, we may not be able to grant or restore access by the proposal submission deadline.
  • Thursday, February 28: The deadline for AEIF proposals and budget forms is 14:00 ET (U.S. Eastern Time). This is the final and only deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • March & April: Eligible proposals will be reviewed and evaluated.
  • June: AEIF 2019 semi-finalist projects will be announced.
  • Late Summer: AEIF 2019 winners will be announced!

Have any other questions about the AEIF competition that can't be found on the Helpdesk? Please email