There are more than 600 American Spaces - open-access cultural centers - around the world, supported by the U.S. government for alumni engagement and more. These American Spaces, located in more than 140 countries, welcome millions of visitors each year. These technologically-equipped Spaces provide free access to American books, movies, and programs.

As diverse as the communities they serve, the American Spaces are grouped into three broad categories: U.S. government-operated American Centers, independently-operated Binational Centers primarily located in Latin America, and American Corners, which are partner spaces that reside within a variety of local institutions such as libraries or universities.

Started after World War I to connect with foreign audiences, American Spaces impart a welcoming and inspiring American environment. They promote the English language, educational opportunities in the United States, cultural programming, information about the United States, and engagement with alumni of U.S. government exchange programs. Since 2014, the Spaces have increased in popularity, doubling the number of visitors.

For more information about how you can connect with American Spaces, download this guide (PDF 1MB).