Marizeth Beato helped design and develop a prototype for ventilators after training received from fellow #ExchangeAlumni.
Franco Goytia, a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) alumnus harnessed the resources of his biotech company to produce a faster method of coronavirus testing.
Dora Racca is working hard in partnership with CASPR Biotech to quickly and accurately diagnose cases of COVID-19.
On MentorTalks' one year anniversary, A/S Royce spoke about why she's not afraid to try new things, setting goals, and much more.
Sports Envoy steps up to support local community during the coronavirus crisis with “grab and go” meal kit program.
Fulbright Alumnus and Puppeteer Affan Javed Spreads Smiles and Information with #PeacefulPuppets