Woman talking with notepad in her hand and TIES logo on wall in background
Forty American alumni of more than ten U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs came together in Washington, D.C. this month to expand on their experiences disrupting illicit trafficking networks.
Exchange alumni Pandora White, Vanessa Diaz, Sean Funcheon, and Ashleigh Brown-Grier are paving the way for future exchange participants.
Alumni participants at the conference in Vilnius, Lithuania
ENAM alumni from Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Ireland, Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan along with Lithuanian professionals working in the fields of law, IT, finance, business, academia, and politicians and senior civil servants gathered to discuss important cybersecurity challenges and ideas on how to make cyberspace resilient for businesses, individuals and governments across borders.
Marizeth Beato helped design and develop a prototype for ventilators after training received from fellow #ExchangeAlumni.
Three generations of the Gishyan/Grigoryan family of Armenia have traveled to the United States on an exchange program, each serving as a role model to the successive generation.
YSEALI alumnus Aushim Merchant’s work is helping protect and sustain one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems.