May 13, 2020

Alumnus Impacts Thousands of Students in Afghanistan

Fazel Rabi, a 2008-09 alumnus of the Hubert H. Humphrey program, is Executive Director of the Tashabos Education Organization (TEO) in Afghanistan. With this initiative, Mr. Rabi hopes to solve two issues that students face in Afghanistan: high unemployment and insecurity. Through TEO, Mr. Rabi is accomplishing his goals. Since 2014, he has seen 60,000 high school students graduate with skills in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Rabi has also created a partnership with the Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs (PROMOTE) to expand the inclusion of more girls in the program, as well as an exhibition of the graduates’ ideas and a competition for the best entrepreneurship ideas. According to an impact study, "The Tashabos program appropriately meets the needs of these graduates by providing the skills necessary to find or create jobs in a free market economy."  

Well done, Mr. Rabi!