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European Alumni Gather at First Alumni TIES in Croatia

Forty U.S. government-sponsored exchange program alumni from nearly 30 countries across Europe and Eurasia gathered in Zagreb to share insights on refugee and migration policy and practice.

All in the Family: Multiple Generations of USG Alumni

Three generations of the Gishyan/Grigoryan family of Armenia have traveled to the United States on an exchange program, each serving as a role model to the successive generation.

Alumni Lead Anti-Corruption Program in Croatia and Serbia

Mario Bajkusa and Mihajlo Delic, two International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni from Croatia and Serbia respectively, helped develop and implement a project, “Integrity: It Starts with Me,” which aimed to engage Croatian and Serbian youth in the battle against corruption.

Expanding Access to MOOCs in Ukraine

Inspired by the online classes he observed during his Fulbright exchange at Georgia Tech in 2013, Oleksii Molchanovskyi founded Prometheus the first homegrown Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platform in Ukraine.

Promoting Peace through the Unifying Power of Music

Armenian singer/songwriter Andre Simonian's IVLP experience helped springboard his idea for collaboration between Turkish and Armenian musicians, a concert series named "Melody for Harmony," to promote peace between the two nations.

Fulbright Alumna Honored for Work with Domestic Violence Victims in Cyprus

Patricia Martin's hard work during her time as a Fulbright scholar has recently been recognized internationally by the American Bar Association’s International Human Rights Committee.

Airplane Named After IVLP Alumnus

The Spanish airliner Vueling has named one Airbus 320 after IVLP alumnus Mohamed El Amrani, a 23 year-old social activist, entrepreneur, and communicator from the Spanish northern town of Roses.

Uzbek Fulbright Alumnus Wins International Prize in Chemistry

The prize acknowledges talented young chemists who live and work in scientifically lagging countries. Dr. Hojamberdiev’s research aims at growing inorganic crystals that are able to generate hydrogen from water molecules, once they are hit by solar light.

IVLP Alumnae Leading the Counter Terrorism Charge in Europe

The conference focused on the themes of Online Radicalization and Community Outreach, topics inspired by a White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism with the mayors of various U.S. cities that IVLP participants attended during their exchange experience.

BFTF Alumni Train Future International Leaders

After meeting during their Benjamin Franklin Summer Institute program in 2011, Jonas Tylewski and Hedda Nielsen were inspired to create their own program for other young leaders.