Got 15 minutes? Join us on #MentorTalks and you’ve got a mentor!

MentorTalks is a new, interactive event that puts exchange program alumni in touch with extraordinary mentors on a wide variety of topics.  The series runs on our Facebook page @internationalexchangealumni. You get a chance to learn a little about each mentor and their career, and then ask them questions on their topic, all in 15 minutes. 

On August 8, Anar Simpson of Technovation spoke live with exchange alumni about pursuing a career in tech, networking, overcoming career challenges, and the importance of having women and diversity in tech.

Previously, on MentorTalks...

On August 8 at 12 p.m. EDT, join longtime TechWomen mentor Anar Simpson to talk networking and overcoming career challenges.
Zoë Dean-Smith of Vital Voices talks about becoming an entrepreneur, finding a mentor, bringing media attention to social entrepreneurship, and much more!