The Dynamic Duo from Ukraine

Viktoriya and Viktoriia Luchka and Shvydchenko

Ukrainian Youth Delegates to the United Nations General Assembly
Building from skills developed during their Global UGRAD exchanges, Viktoriya Luchka and Viktoriia Shvydchenko became the first Ukrainian Youth Delegates appointed by their government to the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) Europe and EurasiaUkraine
There’s Always Hope

Al-Nasir Bellah Al-Nasiry

Founder, There's Always Hope
Iraqi Youth Leaders Exchange Program alumnus Dr. Al-Nasir Bellah Al-Nasiry chose to become an emergency room physician and work for peace since his time spent as a patient after a violent attack when he was 17.
Youth Leadership Programs Middle East and North AfricaIraq
Creating Affordable 3D Prosthetics in Argentina

Gino Tubaro

Co-founder, Darwin Research
National Youth Science Camp alumnus Gino Tubaro helps people with disabilities through his innovative work with 3D-printed prosthetics, works on labor initiatives for workers with disabilities in his home country Argentina, and volunteers with youth STEM camps.
Western HemisphereUnited States
Improving Good Governance in Tajikistan

Gulru Azamova

CEO, Center for Municipal Development
Since returning to Tajikistan, Hubert H. Humphrey alumna Ms. Gulru Azamova has become a pioneer in the promotion of good governance by improving the efficiency of local institutions and inspiring a new generation of youth with the spirit of public service.
Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program Western HemisphereUnited States
Discussing Educational Reform in Iceland

Unnur Lárusdóttir

Organizer, Conference on Changes in Iceland's Secondary Education
Inspired by her participation in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship this past summer, Unnur Larusdottir demonstrated her leadership capabilities by organizing a conference on education in her home country, Iceland. Over 200 guests attended the conference, including students, leaders from local universities, journalists, and high ranking members of Parliament.
Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship Western HemisphereUnited States
Join Hands to Drive Ebola Out

Joe Bangura

Head of Corporate Affairs, Africell
Sierra Leone
2010 Hubert H. Humphrey alumnus Joe Bangura uses his status as a national radio personality to provide information and motivation to his wide audience in Sierra Leone to fight against the spread of Ebola. Joe's business and leadership experience combined with his entrepreneurial spirit also drives micro-finance ventures for several small- and medium-sized companies in his home country.
Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program Western HemisphereUnited States


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