December 11, 2013

Global Sports Mentoring Program: Majidah Nantanda


In Uganda people think so much about boys

even right from your teenage age

you think of a boy child other than a girl child. 

I know some girls, so many of them, 

in my country because of that

they don't have access to education. 

There are so many issues, so many challenges 

that these girls face so that's why I want to come out there

and maybe through sports

I address these issues so that maybe I 

can change their life in the future. 

I'm looking at getting like having mentors 

for these girls so that we can build their confidence.

I'm looking at you know empowering more girls 

like through education. 

They need to use the talent they have to be

exposed to other people

and then to show other people their talents so

they can be better people in future. 

I'm excited with my mentor. She is an 

influential lady.

She is a strong lady. Very known, famous in sports.

She has all the experience. I'm learning a lot from her

and I hope that once I go back to Uganda, 

I'll also be the same so that more of the people 

get to have the knowledge that I have and 

maybe we start up the program and help me

in future.