November 10, 2020

Free Workshops: Comic Books to Create Social Change

American Arts Incubator exchange alumnus Ram Devineni leads a series of international workshops on creative visual storytelling to address social issues.


One of the comic books workshops co-lead by Exchange alumnus Ram Devineni, draws on his own experience creating the interactive social-activist comic books, Priya's Shakti.

Filmmaker, artist, and American Arts Incubator exchange alumnus Ram Devineni has organized a series of international workshops through a “Interactive Comic Books and Storytelling” Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund (CDAF) grant. Throughout November and into early December, Devineni and his team are offering these free workshops to anyone who signs up.

Devineni is co-creator of the augmented reality comic book, Priya’s Shakti and Priya’s Mirror, about India’s first female superhero, who is a rape survivor. He was recognized as a “Gender Equality Champion” by UN Women, and named by Fast Company magazine as one of the most creative people in business in 2017 for his innovative use of augmented reality to address social issues. He has received two grants from the U.S. Department of State, a 2019 CDAF grant for the “Interactive Comic Books and Storytelling” project, as part of a team of four alumni, and a 2020 CDAF Rapid Response to the Novel Coronavirus grant for the “Poetry is like Bread” project, as part of a team of two. 


Another free workshop focuses on journalism through the graphic novel to address social issues.

Sign up for free at Comic Books for Social Change Workshops.