Program List

30/30 Program (U.S.-China)
Cultural Exchanges (Theater)
Drug Enforcement and Prevention Program for Siberian Youth (DESPY)
Dialogue in Understanding Through Youth (DUTY) Program
DanceMotion USA
Cyprus-America Scholarship Program (CASP)
Curriculum Development Exchange Program (CDEP)
Curriculum Consultant Exchange Program
Culture Connect
Cultural Property Heritage Protection
Cultural Exchanges (Visual Arts)
Cultural Exchanges (Other)
Education Seminars
Cultural Exchanges (Music)
Cultural Exchanges (Film)
Cultural Exchanges (Dance)
Cultural Envoy Program
Cultural Ambassadors
Critical Language Scholarships (CLS)
Creative Arts Grant
Contemporary Issues Fellowship Program
Connect Camps
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)
Congress-Bundestag Staff Exchange
East-West Center
Educational Exchange with Soviet Union
Community College Initiative Program
English Language Certificate Program for Brazil
Equal Opportunities: Teaching English to Blind and Visually Impaired Students
Entrepreneurship, Presidential Summit on
English Teaching Specialists
English Language Specialists/Speakers
English Language Fellows
English as a Foreign Language Institute
Educational Partnerships Programs
English Access Microscholarship Program (Access)
Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas' Fellows (ECPA)
Emerging Leaders Program
Embassy Budapest Fellowship Program
ELT Materials Development Summer Institute
Elementary Level Teachers Training Program (ELT)
Eisenhower Fellowships Program
EducationUSA Opportunity
EducationUSA Leadership Institutes
EducationUSA Academy
Educational Seminars
Community Solutions Program
Community College Faculty and Administrator (CCFA) Program
A-SMYLE (American Serbia & Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange)
American Bulgarian Library Exchange (ABLE)
Azores and Cape Verde School Partnerships Program
Atlas Corps
Atlantic Corridor
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP)
Armenian Middle School Level Teachers Training Program (MLT)
American Youth Leadership Program (AYLP)
American Music Abroad
American Film Showcase
American Cultural Specialist (ACULSPEC) Program
American Arts Incubator
Benjamin Franklin Summer Institute
American Artists Abroad
AMBIT (American Management and Business Internship Training Program)
Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation
AIESEC Business Internships
African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP)
Afghanistan Teacher Education Project
Afghan University Students Exchange Program (AUSEP)
Advance through Vocational English
Active Citizen Summit
Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)
Abraham Lincoln Program
Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) Program
Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Initiative
Communities Connecting Heritage
Center Stage
College Horizons Outreach Program
Cochran Fellowship Program (CFP)
Civil Society (Citizen Exchanges)
Civic Education
Citizen Exchanges
CIPUSA (Council of International Programs USA)
CIP (Council of International Programs)
Chris Stevens Youth Network Leadership Exchange
China Korea Inter-Parliamentary Exchanges
Chilean English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Student Teacher Program
Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies
Bomba y Plena en America Latina
Center for Excellence in Education - Research Summer Institute
Canadian Parliamentary Internship Programme (CPIP)
Business for Russia
Burma Refugee Scholarship Program
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Programs
BRIDGE (Building Respect through Internet Dialogue and Global Education)
Brcko (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Academic Semester Program
Brazil English Immersion
Bosnia-USA Business Exchange
Bosnia and Herzegovina Undergraduate Development Program
Borlaug Fellowship Program
Eurasian Undergraduate Exchange Program
Exchange of Language and Culture Specialists with USSR
Exchange of Teachers with NIS Countries
Faculty Development Program
Faculty Exchange Program (FEP)
Faculty Incentive Fellowship Program
Faith and Community (Citizen Exchanges)
Farmer Youth Program (4-H Foundation)
Festival Fund: Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions
Foreign Press Center Reporting Tours
FORTUNE/State Dept. Global Women's Mentoring Partnership
Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge (FELC)
Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge (FELC) -- Pilot Program
Fulbright Administrators Exchange Program
Fulbright CAMPUS Program
Fulbright Conflict Resolution Program
Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching
Fulbright Economics Teaching Program (FETP)
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant
Fulbright Faculty Development Program (LASPAU)
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program
Fulbright International Education Administrators Program
Fulbright International Science and Technology Program
Fulbright Islamic Civilization Program
Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program
Fulbright Junior Staff Development Program
Fulbright New Century Scholars Program
Fulbright NEXUS Program
Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program
Fulbright Seminar Programs
Fulbright South America Today Seminar Program
Fulbright Specialists Program
Fulbright Student Program
Fulbright Study of the U.S.
Fulbright Teacher Exchange
Fulbright Trans-Sahara Undergraduate Program
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program
Fulbright Visiting Specialists: Direct Access to the Muslim World
Fulbright-American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship
Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship
Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program
Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Program
Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program
Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program
Fulbright-Kennan Research Scholars
Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship
Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship
Fulbright-OAS Ecology Program (2001-2007)
Fusion Arts Exchange
Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program
Georgetown Leadership Seminar
Georgian Institute of Public Administration
German-American Partnership Program (GAPP)
Gilman, Benjamin A. International Scholarship Program
Global Business Institute - MENA
Global Connections and Exchange
Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)
Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST)
Global UGRAD in Pakistan
Global Undergraduate (UGRAD) Exchange Program
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women - State Department Entrepreneurship Program for Women in the Middle East and Northern Africa
Health (Citizen Exchanges)
Helms Center Foundation Seminars
High School Academic Partnership Exchange (HSAPE)
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
Hungarian American Enterprise Scholarship Fund (HAESF)
Individual Grant Programs
Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program (IAELP)
Indonesia English Language Study Program (IELSP)
Indonesia Youth Leadership Program
Institute of the Americas Seminar
Integration of Minority Communities
Intensive Summer Language Institutes (ISLI) for Teachers
Intercultural Public Private Fellows Program
International Choreographer's Residency (ICR)
International Choreographers Commissioning Program (ICCP)
International High School Debate Program
International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP)
International Partnerships Among Museums (IPAM)
International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
International Writing Program (IWP)
Internet Access and Training Program (IATP)
Iraq Administrator and Teacher Training Program
Iraq Science Fellowship Program (ISFP)
Iraqi IT Intern Exchange Program
Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program for High School Students
Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students
Israeli-Arab Scholarship Program
J-1 Visa: Au Pair
J-1 Visa: Camp Counselor
J-1 Visa: Intern Program
J-1 Visa: Physician
J-1 Visa: Professor
J-1 Visa: Research Scholar
J-1 Visa: Secondary School
J-1 Visa: Short-Term Scholar
J-1 Visa: Specialist
J-1 Visa: Summer Work Travel
J-1 Visa: Teacher
J-1 Visa: Trainee Program
J-1 Visa: University Students
Japanese National Personnel Authority Fellowship
Jazz Ambassadors
Journalism and Media (Citizen Exchanges)
Journalism: Network on Tolerance in Journalism Program
Jóvenes en Acción
Junior Faculty Development Program
Kennedy Center-ECA Cultural Visitors/Fellows
Law/Judicial Reform (Citizen Exchanges)
Legal Education and Development (LEAD)
Legislative Education and Practice (LEAP)
Library Fellows Program
LINC (Linking Individuals, Knowledge and Culture) Program
Luxembourg Summer Scholarship Program (LSSP)
Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Mid America Arts Alliance, International Fellowship Program
Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)
Mission Spain Exchange Programs
Mitchell, George J. Scholarship Program
MLK (Martin Luther King) Fellows
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)
Museums and Communities Collaboration Abroad (MCCA)
Museums Connect (formerly MCCA)
Museums, Libraries and other Civic Spaces (Citizen Exchanges)
Muskie, Edmund S. Graduate Fellowship Program
Muskie, Edmund S. Ph.D. Fellowship Program
National Security Language Initiative (NSLI)
National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)
National Youth Science Camp
Near East and South Asia Undergraduate (NESA UGRAD) Exchange Program
NESA Center Seminar, National Defense University
New Story Leadership Program
Next Level
NeXXT Scholars Program
Ngawang Choephel Exchange Programs
NISTEP: NIS-US Teacher Exchange Program
NSEP Boren Fellows
NSEP Boren Scholars
NSEP Flagship Fellows
Open World Program
Overseas Research Centers
PAL (EducationUSA Advisers)
Partners in Education (PIE)
Partnership Development Program
Partnerships for Learning Undergraduate Studies Program (PLUS)
Peace Corps
Post-Funded Program
President's Forum with Young African Leaders
Presidential Management Training Initiative (PMTI)
Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)
Professional Development Year (PDY)
Professional Exchanges
Professional Exchanges (Thematic) - Business Development
Professional Exchanges (Thematic) - Environmental Awareness
Professional Exchanges (Thematic) - Governance and Democracy
Professional Exchanges (Thematic) - Health
Professional Exchanges (TPPs) - American Center for International Labor Solidarity
Professional Exchanges (TPPs) - American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL)
Professional Exchanges (TPPs) - Partners of the Americas
Professional Exchanges (TPPs) - Sister Cities International
Professional Exchanges - American Fellows Program
Professional Exchanges - Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) Fellowship
Professional Exchanges - Institute for Representative Government
Professional Exchanges - Irish Institute at Boston College
Professional Exchanges - Mike Mansfield Fellowship Program
Professional Exchanges - National Youth Science Camp of the Americas
Professional Exchanges - Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute
Professional Exchanges - U.S. Congress - Korean National Assembly Youth Exchange Program
Professional Fellows
Professional Fellows: Empower Program
Programs funded by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul
Quito Youth Conference
REAP: Russian and Eurasian Awards Program
Reciprocal Exchange Component of the Mandela Washington Fellowship
Regional Scholars Exchange Program (RSEP)
Research and Academic Writing in Russia
Rhythm Road - American Music Abroad
Ron Brown Fellowship Program
RTAP: Russian Teaching Assistants Program
Russia-U.S. Young Leaders for Public Service Program
RUSTEP: Russian-US Teacher Exchange Program
SABIT (Special American Business Internship Training)
Salzburg Seminar
Saudi Arabia Youth Ambassadors Project
Saudi Young Leaders Program (SYLEP)
School Collaboration Project
School Connectivity Project
SEAS - Symposium on East Asian Security
Secondary School Excellence Program
Secondary School Partnerships
Seeds of Peace
Shaping the Way We Teach English Webinar Courses
SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Africa Entrepreneurship Program
SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Business Internships
SNEAS - Symposium for Northeast Asian Studies
Sofia Media Programs
South African Math and Science Project
South Asia Student Leader Conference
South Asia Teacher Training Project (India and Pakistan)
South Asia Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium
South Pacific Academic Exchanges
Southeast Europe Youth Leadership Institute (SEEYLI)
Southeastern European Communities Against Trafficking (SECAT)
Space Camp
Sponsored Programs
STAGS (Short Term American Grant Speakers)
Stevens Virtual Exchange Initiative
Strategies for Success: Central Asia and Afghanistan Women's Economic Symposium
Study of the U.S. Institutes
Sub-Saharan English Language Study Program
Summer English Teaching Institute (SETI)
Summer Institute for European Student Leaders
Summer Institutes for EFL Administrators from Francophone and Lusophone Africa
Summer Institutes for European Student Leaders
TASP (Turkmenistan American University Central Asia Scholarship Program)
Teacher Training Program
Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP)
Teachers of Global Classrooms (TGC)
Teachers to Teachers: Language, Technology, Math, and Science Exchange Program
Teachers Training Teachers (3TP) program
Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program
TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP)
The Hollings Center for International Dialogue
Thinking Outside the Borders: Library Leadership in a World Community (IMLS)
Thomas Jefferson Tunisia Community College Scholarship Program (TCCSP)
Thomas Jefferson Tunisia Undergraduate Scholarship Program (Tunisia UGRAD)
Thousand Thousand (Presidents' Univ. Student Exchange Program)
Tibetan Scholarship Program (TSP)
Tidewater North Africa Cultural Exchange Program (TiNA)
Tomodachi Initiative
Transatlantic Diplomatic Fellowship (TDF)
Turkish Student Teacher Internship Project
TV Co-op (Television Cooperatives)
U.S. - South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP)
U.S. Administrator Exchange Program
U.S. China Youth Exchange Initiative
U.S. Embassy Programs
U.S. Forest Service Exchange
U.S. Speaker and Specialist Program
U.S. Summer Institute for Pakistani Undergraduate Students
U.S. Summer Sisters Program
U.S.-French Teachers-in-Training Program
U.S.-Russia Experts Forum
U.S.-Russian Secondary School Exchange Program
Undergraduate Intensive English Language Study Program
United States-Timor-Leste (USTL) Scholarship Program
US-NIS Summer Language Teacher Exchange Program (ACTR)
US-Russ-Ukr Summer Language Teacher Exchange Program
US-Russia Volunteer Initiative
USAID - Advanced Training for Leadership and Skills Project (ATLAS)
USAID - African Graduate Fellowship (AFGRAD) Program
USAID - Andean Peace Scholarship Program
USAID - Basic Education (Long-term)
USAID - Basic Education (Short-term)
USAID - Best Practices in Educators' Professional Development
USAID - Caribbean Basin Initiative
USAID - Central American Peace Scholarship (CAPS)
USAID - Clinton Scholarship Program
USAID - Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP)
USAID - Community Connections
USAID - Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships (CASS)
USAID - Democracy and Governance (Long-term)
USAID - Democracy and Governance (Short-term)
USAID - Economic Growth (Long-term)
USAID - Economic Growth (Short-term)
USAID - Environment / Energy (Long-term)
USAID - Environment / Energy (Short-term)
USAID - Feed the Future
USAID - Food Security / Agriculture (Long-term)
USAID - Food Security / Agriculture (Short-term)
USAID - FORECAST (Focus on Results: Enhancing Capacity across Sectors in Transition Countries)
USAID - FORECAST II (Expand Your Horizons)
USAID - Fulbright
USAID - Global Health (Long-term)
USAID - Global Health (Short-term)
USAID - Higher Education (Long-term)
USAID - Higher Education (Short-term)
USAID - HIV / AIDS (Long-term)
USAID - HIV / AIDS (Short-term)
USAID - Humanitarian Assistance (Long-term)
USAID - Humanitarian Assistance (Short-term)
USAID - Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities
USAID - Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP)
USAID - Scholarships for Education and Economic Development (SEED)
USAID - Science and Technology Transfer / IT program
USAID - Technology Transfer Program
USAID - Training Future Leaders (TFL) Program
USAID - Women's Leadership Training in Economics (WLTIE)
USAID Exchanges
USBT (EducationUSA Advisers)
USDA Scientific Exchanges
Vienna Initiative for Central Asia (VICA)
Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) Programs
Washington-Ireland Program
WEAmericas Accelerator
WEST (Work, English, Study & Travel) Exchange Program
Windows on America
WiSci Girls STEAM Camp
Workforce Development Program
YaLa-MENA Leaders for Change
YALI Regional Leadership Center (RLC)
Year of Exchange in America for Russians (YEAR)
YES (Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study) Program
Young African Leaders Initiative
Young Leaders Dialogue with America
Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI)
Young Pacific Leaders Initiative (YPLI)
Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI)
Young Turkey/Young America
Youth Ambassadors Program
Youth Culture Orientation (YCO)
Youth Democracy Conference
Youth Exchange Opportunity
Youth Exchange Programs
Youth Leadership Program
Youth Solidarity and English Language Program (YSEL)
YSEALI Academic Fellows
YSEALI Professional Fellows
YSEALI Regional Workshop