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Young Southeast Asian Leader Works to Protect the Environment

Young Southeast Asian Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) alumna Quy Nguyễn from Vietnam discusses her experience as part of the 2015 YSEALI program that focused on global environmental issues.

European Alumni Gather for 8th Annual ENAM Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainability

The U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan sponsored the 8th Annual European Network of American Alumni (ENAM) conference “Energy, Renewables & Sustainability” in Baku in honor of Earth Day.

Community College Alumnus Revolutionizing Farming in Pakistan

Thanks to his experience in the Community College Initiative Program, in one short year, Alvi has revolutionized the way farmers across Punjab, Pakistan are growing bitter gourd crops by using organic and low-cost measures that increase plant yields and fruit quality.

Fulbright Alumni celebrate World Environment Day

In celebration of World Environment Day 2015, Fulbright-Nehru alumni organized events to discuss how to implement green practices and combat climate change in their local communities.

Bolivian AEIF Team Celebrates World Environment Day

The U.S. Embassy in Bolivia hosted a dinner to congratulate the Bolivian winners of the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund and to commend their efforts to raise awareness about water scarcity.

IVLP Alumnus Champions Conversation through Youth Activism in India

Arun Krishnamurthy, a passionate environmentalist, left a job at Google to found the Environmentalist Foundation of India to promote green practices and conservation among youth.

Alumni Sow Environmental Awareness in Northern Peru

AEIF 2014 winners collaborate with local university, government, an NGO, and groups of children to help promote sustainability and clean up nearby beaches.

Exchange Programs Are...

What are International Exchange Programs

What are international exchange programs? We asked our social media communities to tell us what our exchange programs mean to them. Tag your thoughts with #ExchangesAre

Mandela Washington Fellow: Investing in the Environment

Mandela Washington Fellow from Zambia Clive Jifunte

Mandela Washington Fellow Clive Jifunte, a wildlife ecologist from Zambia, discusses how his fellowship will impact his career and future.

The New Frontier of Going Green in Vietnam

Alumna of the month Pham Thi Thu Trang has been instrumental in mobilizing youth to raise awareness and protect the environment in her home country of Vietnam.