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Paraguayan AEIF Project Concludes with Fourth Science Fair

Each consecutive fair grew in popularity becoming “big tent” events with participants like Amnesty International, local robotics clubs, one computer per child and a local NGO that uses 3D printing to offer affordable prosthetic hands to amputees. The fourth and final of the season attracting well over 8,000 to the main square of farming hub Colonel Oviedo.

ENAM Conference in Vilnius: “The Borderline between Cybersecurity and Individual Freedoms”

ENAM alumni from Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Ireland, Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan along with Lithuanian professionals working in the fields of law, IT, finance, business, academia, and politicians and senior civil servants gathered to discuss important cybersecurity challenges and ideas on how to make cyberspace resilient for businesses, individuals and governments across borders.

Salvadoran Alumni Celebrate Conclusion of AEIF IT Skills Project

Over the past year, 30 young adults received intensive training on IT-related job skills through the 2014 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) project, “Teaching IT Skills to Get Jobs.”

UGrad Alumnus Creating a Tolerant Society through Global Engagement

With the help of a $5,000 USD grant from the Pakistan-U.S Alumni Network, Global UGrad Alumnus Syed Zia Hussain Shah started Aghaaz-e-Ravvish, a project that aims to be the first low-cost tech-based distance learning program in Pakistan.

Ben Franklin Alumnus hosts TEDx Event in Azerbaijan

Alumnus Javid Museyibli and 230 Azerbaijani students and guests participated in a TEDx discussion series to share expertise, experience, and thoughts on a range of issues.

Exchange Programs Are...

What are International Exchange Programs

What are international exchange programs? We asked our social media communities to tell us what our exchange programs mean to them. Tag your thoughts with #ExchangesAre

Bringing Healthcare Information Technology to the 21st Century

YALI 2012 alum Arthur Zang made his mark with his Cardio Pad invention and now plans to expand his operation and relocate production to his home country Cameroon to benefit the local economy.

Fulbright Alumna Promotes STEM Education for Girls at Clinton Global Initiative

Joy Buolamwini developed Code 4 Rights with the mission to ensure that every country in the world has accessible information about local services that support women’s rights and that women are given the opportunity to create beneficial technology.

Panamanian ICT Girls Can Do It!

Panamanian Fulbright alumni led an AEIF project that gave 300 Panama City girls an encouraging environment and innovative tools to gain critical thinking skills, learned the benefits of teamwork, and developed healthy self-esteem

Argentine Engineering Alum Creates 3D Printed Prosthetics

Gino Tubaro, an electronic engineering student and National Youth Science Camp alumnus from Buenos Aires, Argentina and his team at Darwin Research use 3D printers to create low-cost prosthetics, which would otherwise be very expensive and difficult to import.