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Crossing Generational Divides

Exchange alumni from two different programs are working together to foster lasting bonds in the alumni community.

Turkish Alumnus Builds Bridges through Food

Ihsan Karayazi seized upon the power of "culinary diplomacy" to develop “Cook for Peace,” a program involving women from Armenian and Turkish backgrounds taking turns cooking and hosting each other for meals while sharing recipes and cultures.

Lessons in Youth Engagement from Turkey

As a cancer survivor, and passionate supporter of cancer patients, Salih Yuce’s U.S. exchange experience with the International Visitor Leadership Program has proven invaluable for his advocacy and awareness projects in Turkey.

Infrastructure and Economic Development for Turkey

Lokman participated in the program during his first term as mayor of Kazan, a district of Ankara, on the theme of Municipal Governance and Intergovernmental Relations in the U.S. in 2006.