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Fighting Pandemic Misinformation

Exchange alumni Michelle Ciulla Lipkin of the National Association for Media Literacy and Dr. Ankuran Dutta of Gauhati University joined us to talk about how you can prevent the spread of harmful rumors.

Using Arts to Heal & Bring Joy

Life is not about what you drive -- it's about what drives you," says Kunle Adewale, CEO of Tender Arts Nigeria and Mandela Washington Fellowship alumnus.

MentorTalks: Storytelling as a Catalyst for Global Change

Michael Littig, Zuckerberg Institute co-founder and Fulbright alumnus, talks about embracing the unknown - and how to tell a story to change culture and mindset.

MentorTalks: Revolutionizing Fundraising

Alice talks about how she went from working two jobs to taking the leap as a social impact entrepreneur, how Socialgiver is revolutionizing fundraising in Thailand, the impact of her exchange program experiences, creating partnerships, and using technology for change and sustainability.

MentorTalks: Sweet Success & The Myth of Branding

Think mission and movement, not brand, says CBYX alumna and sweetriot founder Sarah Endline.

MentorTalks: Cooking for Change

Chef, arts envoy, storyteller, and social impact entrepreneur Nasser Jaber is on a mission, and he’s using food to accomplish his goals. Watch Nasser talk about the power of food, building communities, and cultural exchange.

MentorTalks: The Future of Cities with Rhonda Binda

ACYPL exchange alumna Rhonda Binda, of Venture Smarter, joined us to talk about smart cities and public-private partnerships.

MentorTalks: Building Your Business

Kathryn Rose and Fran Pastore, entrepreneurs and Global Entrepreneurship Summit alumni, spoke about business strategies and development, finding funding, and more.

Facebook Live: The Power of Women in Tech!

On August 8, Anar Simpson of Technovation spoke about pursuing a career in tech, networking, overcoming career challenges, and the importance of having women and diversity in tech.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Zoe Dean-Smith

Zoë Dean-Smith of Vital Voices talks about becoming an entrepreneur, finding a mentor, bringing media attention to social entrepreneurship, and much more!