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MentorTalks: Storytelling as a Catalyst for Global Change

Michael Littig, Zuckerberg Institute co-founder and Fulbright alumnus, talks about embracing the unknown - and how to tell a story to change culture and mindset.

MentorTalks: Revolutionizing Fundraising

Alice talks about how she went from working two jobs to taking the leap as a social impact entrepreneur, how Socialgiver is revolutionizing fundraising in Thailand, the impact of her exchange program experiences, creating partnerships, and using technology for change and sustainability.

MentorTalks: Sweet Success & The Myth of Branding

Think mission and movement, not brand, says CBYX alumna and sweetriot founder Sarah Endline.

MentorTalks: Cooking for Change

Chef, arts envoy, storyteller, and social impact entrepreneur Nasser Jaber is on a mission, and he’s using food to accomplish his goals. Watch Nasser talk about the power of food, building communities, and cultural exchange.

MentorTalks: The Future of Cities with Rhonda Binda

ACYPL exchange alumna Rhonda Binda, of Venture Smarter, joined us to talk about smart cities and public-private partnerships.

MentorTalks: Building Your Business

Kathryn Rose and Fran Pastore, entrepreneurs and Global Entrepreneurship Summit alumni, spoke about business strategies and development, finding funding, and more.

Facebook Live: The Power of Women in Tech!

On August 8, Anar Simpson of Technovation spoke about pursuing a career in tech, networking, overcoming career challenges, and the importance of having women and diversity in tech.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Zoe Dean-Smith

Zoë Dean-Smith of Vital Voices talks about becoming an entrepreneur, finding a mentor, bringing media attention to social entrepreneurship, and much more!