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Media Spotlight: CLS/NSLI-Y Alumna Rhys Leahy’s Coronavirus-Related Research Gets Highlighted by the NYT

Leahy and her colleague expected to find a core of people saying that vaccines are good for you — but that’s not what they found at all.

YSEAL Alumni Hack Away at Disinformation

Learn how YSEALI alumni in Thailand engaged nearly 400 people in a rapid-response COVID-19 hackathon.

Youth Ambassador Alumnus Takes Teachers, Students Into the Digital Age

Santiago Castro is training teachers on how to use Zoom and other online tools, and helping students transition to virtual classes.

“Nobel Prize for Education” Nominee Motivates, Inspires, and Educates During the Coronavirus

Fulbright alumnus Cecilia Carolina Muňoz managed to reinvent her classes to help her students become citizens of the world.

Wendy van Giezen Works to Ensure Access to At-Home Testing in NYC

Critical Language Scholar and nurse Wendy van Giezen is using her skills in New York City to help fight against the coronavirus.

Ghanian Exchange Alumnus Leads Charge for Rapid Diagnostic Tests, Wins Award, Gets Praised by Pompeo

“It’s difficult to keep calm when the U.S. Secretary of State tweets about you…”

Alveno Soares is Providing for His Community via Crowdfunding

Washington Mandela Fellow Alumnus Alveno Soares partnered with national and international business to help over 300 local families in need.

YALI Alumni Makes (Radio) Waves to Share COVID-19 Information

James Kwabo is helping share COVID-19 information with youth across Liberia via his radio station, Alternative Youth Radio.

Critical Language Scholar Alumnus Launches New COVID-19 Testing Locator

Theo Goetemann, a 2017 critical language scholar alumnus, founded a new startup that has created a COVID-19 testing locator web tool.

Green Masks: Fulbright Alumnus Flattens the Curve Through 3D Printing and Recycling

Elvis Rivera, a science teacher in Honduras, has come up with a new and innovative way to create personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals in local hospitals.