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YLAI Alumnus Helps Develop New Coronavirus Testing Kits

Franco Goytia, a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) alumnus harnessed the resources of his biotech company to produce a faster method of coronavirus testing.

Fulbrighter Dora Racca Helping Develop On-Site Test Platform

Dora Racca is working hard in partnership with CASPR Biotech to quickly and accurately diagnose cases of COVID-19.

Tony Sanneh Leads Both On and Off the Field

Sports Envoy steps up to support local community during the coronavirus crisis with “grab and go” meal kit program.

Affan Javed Shares Healthy Habits with Puppetry

Fulbright Alumnus and Puppeteer Affan Javed Spreads Smiles and Information with #PeacefulPuppets

Media Spotlight: CLS/NSLI-Y Alumna Rhys Leahy’s Coronavirus-Related Research Gets Highlighted by the NYT

Leahy and her colleague expected to find a core of people saying that vaccines are good for you — but that’s not what they found at all.

YSEALI Alumni Hack Away at Disinformation

Learn how YSEALI alumni in Thailand engaged nearly 400 people in a rapid-response COVID-19 hackathon.

Youth Ambassador Alumnus Takes Teachers, Students Into the Digital Age

Santiago Castro is training teachers on how to use Zoom and other online tools, and helping students transition to virtual classes.

“Nobel Prize for Education” Nominee Motivates, Inspires, and Educates During the Coronavirus

Fulbright alumnus Cecilia Carolina Muňoz managed to reinvent her classes to help her students become citizens of the world.

Wendy van Giezen Works to Ensure Access to At-Home Testing in NYC

Critical Language Scholar and nurse Wendy van Giezen is using her skills in New York City to help fight against the coronavirus.

Ghanian Exchange Alumnus Leads Charge for Rapid Diagnostic Tests, Wins Award, Gets Praised by Pompeo

“It’s difficult to keep calm when the U.S. Secretary of State tweets about you…”