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Alumni Come Together to Inform Swazis about COVID-19 Prevention

The Eswatini alumni association is traveling far and wide to get the word out about health and hygiene to rural communities.

Asmara Rahat is Creating Innovative Technology that Promotes Safety

Asmara Rahat, a TechWomen alumna, has combined innovation and technology to create SMART thermal scanning and sanitation gates to keep individuals safe.

Reshma Singh, a TechWomen Alumna, is Feeding Families in Need

TechWomen Alumna Uses technology to connect families across her community to meet the needs of vulnerable and at-risk individuals.

Lindiwe Matlali, Educating Africa’s Students from Home

As schools close and education moves online, Lindiwe Matlali is working nonstop to come up with innovative solutions to ensure that students are still receiving the education they deserve.

British IVLP Alumnus Joins with the NHS to make a Difference during COVID-19 Crisis

British IVLP alumnus joins the National Health Service’s Volunteer Responders to deliver food, medicine, and arrangge transportation for at-risk communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Qatari Alumni Break Stigma of Social Isolation

IVLP alumnus and prominent artist Mohamed Atiq is supporting his nation in combating the coronavirus.

YALI Alumnus Providing Meals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

YALI Alumnus in Ghana is working to ensure that the most vulnerable communities have continuous access to meals as COVID-19 disrupts daily life.

ALI Alumni Leads the Way with Science & Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19 has resulted in a scarcity of medical supplies. Dr. Brian-Gabriel Ndubuisi, a YALI RLC West Africa Alumnus, is helping ease the crisis.

Introducing Sandra, a COVID-19 information chatbot

TechWomen alumna Crescence Elodie launched the chatbot through her organization to help Cameroonians check their symptoms and find info.

Fulbright Alumna on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Dr. Jamie Moreno is working tirelessly to protect patients, and keeping the public aware of how they can help stop the virus’ spread.