Do you have questions about the AEIF Competition? We've got answers! Check out the following resources to help you understand the competition and build a competitive project. All projects must be submitted through the online application form on FluidReview by the deadline of March 29, 2018 at 14:00 EDT (i.e. New York).

General Information about the Competition

Video: A quick visual summary of this year's competition, important dates, and tips for maximizing your chances of winning up to $25,000 to fund your innovative solutions to help your communities.

Overview of AEIF (PDF): This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of AEIF, including its purpose, requirements, important dates, and how to get started.

Definition of 2018 AEIF Themes (PDF): This document explains the five AEIF project themes in greater detail to help you hone your project proposal. It also includes examples of the types of projects and activities that are allowed and not allowed.

Commonly Asked Questions: If you have a question, others probably have the same one. Check out answers to commonly asked questions about the competition, the proposal, the budget form, and the budget justification.

Information about the Proposal and Budget

Proposal Questions and Budget Justification (PDF): Download a copy of the questions that will be on the AEIF 2018 proposal form and see what information you will need to provide about your project. Use this template to write a draft proposal so you can easily copy/paste your text into the online form once the competition is live. The online form includes the budget justification, a new requirement for 2018. Start working on your proposal early! Note, we will not accept project proposals and budgets via email.

Budget Form: Download the budget form to start putting together your budget. This is the same form that you must attach to your proposal on the FluidReview AEIF page in order to successfully submit your project proposal.

Helpful Tips for Developing Your Proposal and Budget (PDF): This PowerPoint presentation contains important dates, tips, and resources to help you through the competition.

Guide to Completing AEIF 2018 Proposal Form (PDF): Team International Exchange Alumni receives hundreds of AEIF proposals each year. Use this guide to help craft your proposal to make it stand out. Remember to provide specific details about your project, illustrate the impact it will have, and show how your team will implement and evaluate your project.

Guide to the AEIF 2018 Budget Form and Budget Justification (PDF): This guide explains how to download and upload the budget form to your proposal. You can also find definitions for the categories listed on the form, an explanation of cost share, and information on how to fill out the form and add rows, if needed. This guide also provides information about how to write a budget justification, which is a new requirement in 2018.

Sample Proposal (with Budget Justification) and Budget (PDF): This sample AEIF proposal, budget, and budget justification gives you an idea of the type of information you can provide to make your project more competitive. Please note this is just an example. You do not need to follow the exact format or language. Your costs will differ depending on your project. Remember to be creative in your proposal, but also be clear and detailed!