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Congratulations to the 25 U.S. exchange alumni teams who will implement projects in the United States and in 15 countries around the world.
Five alumni at Alumni TIES in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Alumni - journalists and film producers - from across South and Central Asia gathered in Almaty, Kazakhstan to discuss women in media, media literacy, and ways to create social change.
Nasser Jabber
Chef, arts envoy, storyteller, and social impact entrepreneur Nasser Jaber is on a mission, and he’s using food to accomplish his goals. Watch Nasser talk about the power of food, building communities, and cultural exchange.
Alicia Ng, Chit Aein Thu and Manel Bargaoui
Award Winners from Malaysia, Myanmar, and Tunisia will be recognized at this year’s Professional Fellows Congress!
Stacy Jupiter and Saidiya Hartman
Congratulations to Fulbright alumni Stacy Jupiter and Saidiya Hartman, who join the ranks of 96 international exchange alumni who have been honored as recipients of the MacArthur Fellowship.
Assistant Secretary Royce with Rhonda Binda
ACYPL exchange alumna Rhonda Binda, of Venture Smarter, joined us to talk about smart cities and public-private partnerships.