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In the midst of COVID-19, we are facing unprecedented challenges around the world. We've created this page to share your efforts to tackle the coronavirus. Thanks to you and your fellow exchange alumni, you are creating far-reaching health, educational, and social impact to ensure your communities are staying strong, safe, and healthy.

During this time, although we are physically distancing, we encourage everyone to engage virtually and be an active part of the alumni network - and we would love your help, so we can continue to support each other! If you are a LinkedIn user, follow our new page, #ExchangeAlumni - Alumni Affairs, and consider adding a section on your exchange program experience in your work profile.

Finally, we'd like to remind everyone to keep their media literacy skills sharp and carefully evaluate the sources of information that you share. When disease outbreaks occur, so do "infodemics" of misinformation and disinformation, making it more important than ever that we highlight facts and reputable information.

Thank you, and stay safe and healthy!

COVID-19 Resources:

  • FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control
  • CDC - Covid-19 Response Page
  • CDC - Traveler's Health
  • CDC - Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19
  • Exchange Alumni Make a Difference

    British IVLP alumnus joins the National Health Service’s Volunteer Responders to deliver food, medicine, and arrangge transportation for at-risk communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    IVLP alumnus and prominent artist Mohamed Atiq is supporting his nation in combating the coronavirus.

    YALI Alumnus in Ghana is working to ensure that the most vulnerable communities have continuous access to meals as COVID-19 disrupts daily life.

    COVID-19 has resulted in a scarcity of medical supplies. Dr. Brian-Gabriel Ndubuisi, a YALI RLC West Africa Alumnus, is helping ease the crisis.

    TechWomen alumna Crescence Elodie launched the chatbot through her organization to help Cameroonians check their symptoms and find info.

    Dr. Jamie Moreno is working tirelessly to protect patients, and keeping the public aware of how they can help stop the virus’ spread.

    Two scientists who met through the J. William Fulbright international exchange program are part of a worldwide hunt to find existing drugs that can be used to treat the coronavirus.

    “It’s my duty toward my country and my community, and I’m so happy to help and inspire..." says Faten Khalfallah of Tunisia.


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