Ayşegül Çerçi and Kumru Selenge Özdemir award ceremony
October 31, 2019

Exchange alumni from two different programs are working together to foster lasting bonds in the alumni community.

Dr. Abdul Muhaimin
September 20, 2019

IVLP Alumnus from Pakistan Works Towards Religious Harmony

Victor Juarez promoting Visit Guatemala
August 20, 2019

How do you expand your country’s education system, design a program that decreases mental health stigmas, and provide exchange opportunities to a diverse group of youth from multiple countries? Ask Victor Juarez of Guatemala.

Raveloarimisa Lala Mbolatiana on stage
July 31, 2019

As a human rights advocate, community organizer, and mother, Raveloarimisa Lala Mbolatiana shines bright in her local community and on the national stage in Madagascar.

Myrna Clayton
June 25, 2019
United States

Arts Envoy Myrna Clayton is sharing American culture through music, and engaging new and diverse audiences along the way.

May 17, 2019

How do we ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for our communities? Nguyen Hoang Viet believes that the solution is through youth engagement.

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