Building a Future Through Technology

Sura Mubarak is a true TechGirl—developing a robotics project to help people with hand disabilities control a computer and starting a volunteering organization. Sura knew that in order to pursue her love of robotics, a trip to the United States was in her future.

The three-week TechGirls program encourages high school-age girls from across the Middle East to pursue careers in science and technology and was the perfect fit for Sura. It took Sura to New York City and Washington, D.C. to meet with some of the world’s top tech companies like Google and Facebook, and to talk with women currently in technology. Soon, Sura was convinced to combine her interests with architecture.

“After this journey, I have realized that technology is the future of tomorrow,” says Sura. “I became more determined to study architecture and join it with engineering technology, as I believe that we should now focus on buildings that are environmentally friendly and depend on technology and computerized systems.”

Not only did TechGirls help Sura decide what’s next, but it also helped her adjust to the pace of the industry. Building hands-on skills under pressure, she says, made her concentrate on what’s important.

“I had to be more responsible, wake up on time, take care of myself, focus on deadlines,” says Sura. “Time was moving so fast and I had to move as fast as possible.”

Now back in Jordan, Sura remembers the lessons of the program and always looks for ways to improve herself and mentor others.

“I have become more independent and social,” reflects Sura. “I now have many connections and work hard to improve myself, search for new opportunities, improve my community, and inspire people around me-- especially girls. “[TechGirls taught me to] be helpful and appreciate whatever I have and make the best of it.”

Today, Sura works for a local architecture firm, has won six awards from two Jordanian robotics competitions, and is learning social media to better express her ideas. She’s currently applying to university to study architecture and hopes to return to the United States. Sura credits TechGirls for helping her make the most of every opportunity that comes her way.

“You have to always know that time is money,” says Sura. “Make use of every single moment and try to benefit from it. I have learned to be determined to achieve my dreams and not to let anyone hold me back.”