Tanzanian Alumnus Spearheads Agricultural Initiatives for Maasai Community

Determined. Innovative. Visionary. Leader. These are just a few of the words to describe Kisioki Moitiko, a 2016 alumnus of the Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF) for Young African Leaders. In the short time since his fellowship, he has improved the quality of life for the Maasai people of Tanzania.

Kisioki’s participation in the MWF gave him the knowledge and skills to create new leaders among the Maasai, including women and children, through initiatives such as the clean stove project. Over a year ago, he began working with the Maasai women to design and build stoves that accommodate their cooking needs while using less firewood and creating less smoke. Through Kisioki’s leadership, the women of the Maasai community are empowered and spreading their skills and knowledge to women in neighboring countries.

Kisioki, a solar system expert, also spearheaded a solar-powered clean water project that provides clean and safe water for the community. This in turn is improving the quality of life for women who no longer have to clean the water to make it safe for their kids and families. He is proving that “with good vision and mission you are able to accomplish anything.”

He hasn’t stopped there: he is also developing tomorrow’s leaders through school gardens. “The project will construct a greenhouse to grow vegetables to ensure a continuous source of food for the children in Tingatinga primary school and produced vegetables to sell to the community surrounding the school.” The students will contribute to the garden through weeding and irrigating, while gaining applicable agricultural skills.

Kisioki encourages his fellow exchange alumni to “never be scared to try things that you believe in. Never. Failing once doesn’t guarantee you that your dream is wrong.” He has persevered and continues to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the Maasai people.