May 29, 2014

In Zambia, Inspired by YALI to Promote Peace and Youth

2010 YALI alumnus Mundia Paul Hakoola currently serves as the Secretary General and a Co-founder of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in Zambia. This initiative is inspired by the YALI program and seeks to provide leadership opportunities to young Zambians. This organization has initiated programs for the betterment of youth across Zambia including a 2011 mentorship program for high school students which engaged them on topics of civic participation and democratic governance. In 2012, the organization led workshops for youth focusing on non-violent political campaign techniques and organized groups to pledge to agree on principles of tolerance of divergent views and promoting co-existence with those of different political beliefs. In addition, the organization worked to register youth voters and to educate them about the political process in Zambia.
In addition to this work, he is also the Country Coordinator of the International Association of law students at Cavendish University Campus in Lusaka, a member of the US Embassy Council of Youth Ambassadors, President of the International Association of Students in Economics and Management (AIESEC) in Zambia, and was one of the youth leaders selected to represent Africa at the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris.