The Faces of FLEX

On February 17, 2012, the American Councils for International Education Alumni Team of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program announced six winners of the "Faces of FLEX" photo and video contest. The winners were selected from over 500 submissions. First place winner received an iPad 2.

First Place Winners: "Sharing us with the world" video by Arus Sahakyan FLEX alumnus (Armenia 2010) and "After food and books drive at the orphanage!" photo by Olga Magneyeva FLEX alumna (Russia 2011).

Second Place Winners: "Kyrgyzstan. Non-profit org. "School of Leaders" video by Zafarbek Sulaimanov FLEX alumnus (Kyrgyzstan 2011) and "Let's Spread Peace Action" photo by Selbi Shamyradova FLEX alumna (Turkmenistan 2011).

Third Place Winners: "FLEX alumni and Red Cross project: *Integrations*" video by Lev Shishov FLEX alumnus (Russia 2003) and "Let's clean it up!" photo by Muminjoniyon Abdulvahhob FLEX alumnus (Tajikistan 2009).