April 24, 2020

ALI Alumni Leads the Way with Science & Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Brian-Gabriel Ndubuisi, a YALI RLC West Africa Alumnus and CEO of Paperware Limited, is helping health workers in local hospitals stay safe by providing them with free hand-sanitizer. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a scarcity and price surge of medical supplies such as face masks, surgical gloves, and hand sanitizer.

To address this challenge, Dr. Ndubuisi, a medical doctor by training, decided to experiment with the production of hand sanitizer using the World Health Organization's recommended formula. 

After successfully creating some for his personal use, he decided he wanted to produce more and donate them to healthcare centers around Nigeria. To date, 400 liters of his hand sanitizer have been distributed to 40 local hospitals through the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association. 

Thank you, Dr. Ndubuisi for helping healthcare workers and hospitals in Nigeria!

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