November 10, 2014

Bringing Healthcare Information Technology to the 21st Century


A health practitioner uses the Cardio Pad to transmit cardiac test results to specialists. A health practitioner uses the Cardio Pad to transmit cardiac test results to specialists. Photo Credit, U.S. Embassy Cameroon
In 2012, when Arthur Zang was selected to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Seeking Innovators: 2012 Young African Leaders Mentoring Partnership program, he had already made his mark in Cameroon through his invention of the Cardio Pad, a device that allows health practitioners in rural areas to transmit cardiac test results to specialists via mobile phone technology. 
Arthur’s desire to improve quality of healthcare and health information technology took a new direction in 2007 when he started working with a mentor at Yaoundé’s main hospital who helped him understand the science behind EKG data transmission. With few alternatives for funding sources, Arthur posted his idea for the Cardio Pad on Facebook and raised $20,000 in donations, which he used to produce 20 Cardio Pads. His goal is to produce 500 Cardio Pads to be distributed to hospitals throughout the region, and relocate production to Cameroon so his country benefits economically as well.  
Arthur’s contribution to the field of modern medicine will not end with the Cardio Pad. He believes that “if you start something, you must finish it. That is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.” The touch screen Cardio Pad is part of a complete portable diagnostic kit sold by his company, Himore Medical, at a competitive price. Zang endeavors to transform the state of the medical information industry.  
For more information about how the Cardio Pad works, watch this videoView this website to learn more about Arthur's next inventions.