September 15, 2015

Chilean Senate Pays Homage to International Visitor Leadership Program


Chilean Legislators and IVLP alumni (from left) PAO Marianne Scott, Marta Etienne, Diputatdo Marco Antonio Nunez, Jo Rivas, Luis Bork Photo Credit, U.S. Embassy Santiago
The Chilean Senate paused their normal business on August 5 to pay tribute to the International Visitor Leadership Program from Senate floor. The ceremony included speeches by the vice president of the Chilean Senate and other senators. 
Twenty-two current Chilean senators and representatives have participated in IVLP exchanges. In the presence of the U.S. Ambassador and about 75 IVLP and other exchange program alumni from across Chile and Latin America, Chilean Senators emphasized the importance of the IVLP and the positive effect it has had on their lives.  
Vice-President of the Senate Adriana Muñoz highlighted her participation in an IVLP in 1990 as a student leader following Chile’s return to democracy following years of Pinochet’s rule. Senator Goic, who participated in 2007 while a Representative, commented that the program is “an example of how governments can make contributions to the understanding of peoples and world peace.”  
The Senate tribute was followed by a gala dinner hosted by the Senate for 80 IVLPs, including members of congress, university presidents, local government officers, cultural figures and visiting Latin American IVLP leaders. The following day, president of the Lower House of Representatives and IVLP alumnus Marco Antonio Nuñez delivered closing remarks at a lunch co-organized with State Alumni Chile.