Empowering Entrepreneurs with Zoe Dean-Smith

Zoë Dean-Smith of Vital Voices talks about becoming an entrepreneur, finding a mentor, bringing media attention to social entrepreneurship, and much more!

More about Zoë Dean-Smith:

With 36 years of experience in the for-profit, non-profit, corporate, and social enterprise sectors, Zoë Dean-Smith provides vision and leadership for the organization’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship focused programs, including the Global Ambassadors Program; the VVGROW fellowship; and the Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership.

Previously based in Swaziland, Zoë served as Senior Director of Vital Voices’ Global Entrepreneurs in Handcrafts Program. She was Managing Director of Gone Rural, working with 700+ women artisans in Swaziland and launched Gone Rural BoMake, a community development non-profit organization serving the Gone Rural communities. Zoe has also managed the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s programs across Africa.

Zoë received a 2011 World of Difference Award from The International Alliance of Women and a 2005 Pan African Business-Woman Award for Capacity Building.

She has been a featured speaker internationally in her role as a social entrepreneur, as well as addressing issues concerning Swaziland such as HIV/AIDS, women’s rights and basic community needs.

In 2008, Zoë initiated a Young Women’s Mentorship Program in Swaziland. She currently serves as a mentor in the Cherie Blair Mentoring Women in Business program and the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program for Young African Leaders.