December 1, 2015

ENAM Elects New Board of Directors

The European Network of American Alumni Associations (ENAM), a network of member alumni associations across Europe and Eurasia, recently held elections for its Board of Directors. The following individuals were elected by their peers to help lead ENAM from 2015-2017:
  • Vicente Lopez Ibor: VIA-Circulo Jefferson - Spain
  • Ivana Bilić: U.S. Alumni Community of Croatia (USACC) – Croatia
  • Jeyhun Karamov: US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) – Azerbaijan
  • Aliona Cara: Creative Development Association (CDA) – Moldova
  • Muddassar Ahmed: John Adams Society – United Kingdom
  • Atanas Kochov: Macedonian American Alumni Association (MAAA) – Macedonia
  • György Kovávs: Fulbright Association – Hungary
ENAM also held elections for Secretary General, re-electing Italian International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumnus Massimo Cugusi of the Amerigo Alumni Association of Italy. 
Established in December 2011, ENAM’s mission is to strengthen networking and collaboration amongst its member associations, facilitate their active participation in US State Department alumni community initiatives, and promote common shared values shared by alumni of U.S. sponsored exchange programs. To accomplish its mission, ENAM develops and implements projects and initiatives through its member associations, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and information campaigns. ENAM currently spans 53 countries in Europe and Eurasia, representing more than 400,000 alumni. Membership is open to all alumni associations in the region recognized by the US Diplomatic Mission in their home country. 

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