April 30, 2020

Ensuring Romanians Have Fact-Based Information About COVID-19

Alumnus Vlad Mixich, head of the Romanian Health Observatory (ORS), is working with the Romanian government on a nationwide communications campaign to fight disinformation about COVID-19. In keeping with ORS’s work to improve health services in Romania and Eastern European region, Mr. Mixich is leading a team of eight doctors and researchers to identify and fact-check the news that is going out to the Romanian public about COVID-19. With the help of government platforms, their fact-based information has reached more than six million people. In fact, their video on the importance of social-distancing has been viewed more than four million times! The ORS, a health think tank, is providing pro-bono informational support during. Mr. Mixich was a 2018-2019 Humbert H. Humphrey Fellow at Emory University.

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