August 25, 2015

Fulbright Alumni celebrate World Environment Day


Fulbright alumni meet to discuss the launch of the Green Fulbrighters of Indian Forum, a platform to connect alumni and scholars on environmental issues in India.
In celebration of World Environment Day, Fulbright-Nehru alumni organized events to discuss how to implement green practices and combat climate change in their local communities.
In New Delhi, Fulbright-Nehru alumni Nitish Dogra and Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan, with the assistance of other Fulbright alumni, launched the “Green Fulbrighters of India Forum.”
This event inaugurated a new network within the Fulbright community to connect alumni and scholars working on environmental issues and provide a dedicated platform for promoting green practices in India.  


Fulbright-Nehru alumnus Pramod Deshmukh speaks to a packed room in Sagroli Village, India to discuss methods for adapting to climate change.
Fulbright-Nehru alumnus, Pramod Deshmukh, organized a one-day workshop for farmers in Sagroli village on the effects of climate change on agriculture. Workshop attendees learned about possible ways to adapt to climate change.