Introducing Sandra, a COVID-19 information chatbot

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2018 TechWomen alumna Crescence Elodie created Sandra, a live chatbot that helps people in Cameroon check their symptoms and get the latest information on the coronavirus. Crescence launched the WhatsApp messenger chatbot through WETECH, the organization she founded to support African girls and women in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology. 

Sandra is available 24 hours a day and offers a link to a rapid symptom-checker test, which helps users get preliminary information before seeking professional medical advice. Sandra also offers local resources for people who are symptomatic or want additional information, as well as the latest news on COVID-positive cases in Cameroon. 

Crescence and her team are excited to expand Sandra to other online spaces. “People have started to ask us if they can have the bot integrated on their websites or mobile application,” Crescence said, adding, “The feedback so far has been wonderful.” 

Thank you for making a difference in Cameroon, Crescence!