October 29, 2020

IVLP Alumnus Bolsters Education Around COVID-19 and Provides Access to Medical Supplies

Recognizing the need for improved access to information amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Shah Nawaz set out to bolster public health information and to provide medical supplies to communities in Aishmuqam, Kashmir. 

As a small township nearly 70 kilometers from Kashmir’s capital city, Aishmuqam is often faced with a lack of access to timely, accurate information due to its remote location – and this has been true particularly during COVID-19. Guided by his International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) experience, Shah was motivated to address this challenge by providing access to information and educating the youth and leaders of the township directly.

Shah used loudspeakers from the mosques in villages surrounding the township to inform citizens on the importance of public health precautions and safety measures, gradually taking to sermons and writings. Through these various methods of outreach, he garnered support from community leaders and Imams alike. Together, they joined in to strengthen awareness of the global health crisis and advise local citizens on necessary precautions to protect one another and their communities.

Shah and his team’s efforts eventually transitioned into delivering medical supplies – including facemasks, soap, and hand sanitizer – to homes of those who did not have access to them. With mobilized support from relatives, friends, and community members, Shah disseminated supplies to homes in multiple communities in Aishmuqam. 

Shah’s dedication to improving access to critical public health information, engaging youth and community leaders alike, and disseminating supplies to those in remote areas demonstrates his leadership and commitment to combatting COVID-19 and serving those most in need.

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