March 14, 2017

March Madness: Impact of Exchange Programs

Did you know that in addition to providing opportunities for more than 350,000 Americans to work and study abroad, the U.S. Department of State’s exchange programs bring teachers, physicians, au pairs, camp counselors, and more, to share their knowledge and skills with people across the United States? International exchange participants are also huge economic contributors to U.S. communities. In 2016, their contributions totaled almost $36 billion. 
Curious about how exchanges impact your community? Check out the graphics in this album, show your state pride, and help us spread the word by participating in our #MarchMadness: Impact of Exchange Programs Challenge! 
How can you participate? 
Each “like” is worth 1 point; each “share” is worth 3 points. Note - only likes and shares on the original image post can be counted.
Regional Round 1: March 13 - March 15 
Top two states from each region advance to Elite 8
Elite 8: March 15-17
1-on-1 tournament format with winning states advancing to next round
Final 4: March 17-20
1-on-1 tournament format with winning states advancing to next round
Championship: March 20-22
BONUS: Comments on posts worth 1 point (note - only one comment per person will count)
Let’s see which state wins!
The winning state will get a special shout-out on our social media platforms. We will highlight crowdsourced photos of exchange program alumni who visited or live in the winning state.