October 25, 2021

MentorTalks: Behind the Scenes


What does it take to put on a monthly, 30-minute live program? From recruiting potential guests to putting together a show that viewers get to see in real time, MentorTalks is no small feat. In this episode, our team at the U.S. Department of State shared how it all began, how it’s going, and what we have learned along the way.

What does it take to be a guest on MentorTalks? “We’re looking for someone who has tips they can share with the audience – tips that our global ExchangeAlumni network can pick up on,” Asha said.

Guests who appear on MentorTalks vary in background, professional expertise, and interest – but they have one thing in common: they are all ExchangeAlumni.

“We have people who are leaders in their field, and usually who have taken a unique career path – they have built on their exchange experience and use their skills to build their career.”

Learn how MentorTalks got started, how our ExchangeAlumni team transitioned from the studio to home, how we define success for each episode, and much more. You can catch MentorTalks on Facebook @ExchangeAlumni, on LinkedIn #ExchangeAlumni, and on YouTube Live. All episodes are also available on this website.

Do you have a potential guest you’d like to pitch for MentorTalks? Email us at exchangealumni@state.gov, subject: MentorTalks guest.

Asha Beh - biography

Asha Beh leads ExchangeAlumni digital outreach and strategy at the U.S. Department of State, in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She is the executive producer of MentorTalks, a live streamed series, and Voices of Exchange, an audio podcast. In her current position, she uses skills from her previous media roles at Bloomberg Business News, NPR, CNN, NBC, and CNBC.com, as well as her digital media skills from managing a worldwide environmental social media community of three million people, expanding and building connections among thousands of eInterns, and diversifying and improving digital and video efforts at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai, India.

During her time in government, Asha has been instrumental in putting together the first-ever, full day User Experience (UX) event for the State. Asha also helped make federal paid parental leave a reality through her work as co-chair of the top work-life balance employee organization at State. Asha is a lifelong member of the South Asian Journalists Association, where she also served on the executive board.

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