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#MentorTalks with Kathry Rose and Fran Pastore

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On MentorTalks on September 10, we welcomed Kathryn Rose and Fran Pastore, alumni of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019. Kathryn and Fran answered questions from exchange alumni on business strategies and development, and shared their tips for overcoming challenges, finding funding, and how to get connected to mentors and supporters.



Kathryn Rose and Fran Pastore at GES 2019. Photo courtesy: Kathryn Rose.
Kathryn Rose and Fran Pastore at GES 2019. Photo courtesy: Kathryn Rose.


Fran Pastore is the Founder and CEO of the Women's Business Development Council (WBDC), Connecticut’s leading organization championing the independence of women through entrepreneurship. Globally, Fran’s influence has been exemplified through her direct work with women entrepreneurs. In conjunction with the U.S. Department of State and the University of Connecticut’s Office of Global Affairs, Fran taught women business owners in Costa Rica. Fran continued to share her expertise with women through partnerships with The Center for Creative Leadership in Ethiopia and The Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. For over two decades, Fran has been instrumental in the passage of legislation benefiting women entrepreneurs. Fran has provided numerous testimonies before the U.S. Congress, addressing the state of women’s entrepreneurship.



Kathryn Rose is the founding CEO of wiseHer, an award-winning global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges. She is a former Wall Street sales leader and an author of nine books. Kathryn is a highly sought after speaker at leading global industry events, a member of the Executive Council of Advancing Women in Technology, and a sales coach for MBA candidates at Harvard Business School. Kathryn is regarded for her grit, tenacity, creative problem solving, glass-half-filled approach and her ability to laugh, always. A tireless champion for women, Kathryn has received accolades for her vision, commitment, and leadership including the CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology Mentor of the Year Spotlight award and more.

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