MentorTalks: Cooking for Change

Nasser Jabber

Chef, arts envoy, storyteller, and social impact entrepreneur Nasser Jaber is on a mission, and he’s using food to accomplish his goals. Watch Nasser talk about the power of food, building communities, and cultural exchange.

As the co-founder of Komeeda, a unique business that uses cooking and dining experiences as a way to build communities and encourage cultural exchange, Nasser has helped organize the Refugee Food Festival in New York, the Displaced Kitchens series to support displaced people, and a Veteran’s Supper, featuring the cuisine and stories of American veterans.

One of the dinner series that Nasser runs through Komeeda is the world-renowned Displaced Kitchens, which allowed refugees to cook, share their stories, earn a living, and escape poverty. The dinner series pop-up went across the country and lifted families out of poverty, and now it’s being replicated through gastro-diplomacy efforts in Turkey and Sweden.

Earlier this year, Nasser was invited to Morocco as part of the U.S. Speakers program run by ECA at State. Get a taste of his tour during U.S.-Morocco Food Week in this video from the U.S. Embassy Rabat: