June 1, 2020

“Nobel Prize for Education” Nominee Motivates, Inspires, and Educates During the Coronavirus

Even before the coronavirus created a challenge for educators and students, Cecilia Carolina Muňoz, a 2017 alumna of The Fulbright Program, was tackling issues outside the classroom that affected how she taught English in the classroom in the town of Bandera, Santiago del Estero in Argentina. Poverty, addiction, and a lack of clean drinking water are just some of the issues the town faces.

Muňoz, who did her Fulbright training in innovative strategies for teachers and the use of technology in the classroom, came up with a game plan: survey her student and reinvent her classroom techniques to awaken her students’ interests and motivation. Thanks to her use of “cutting edge ICT, gamification and flipped classroom techniques,” Muňoz has succeeded. Her methods are also helping keep students inspired and engaged during coronavirus times, and have won her a nomination for the 2020 Global Teacher Prize.

Muňoz is one of two Argentine teachers chosen from among 12,000 teachers from 140 countries for the prize, which is also known as the “Nobel Prize for Education.” You can learn more about Muňoz and her nomination for the Global Teacher Prize in this video:

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