May 7, 2021

Pushing the Limits with Saad Abid

“When you find something that gives you fulfillment – that money cannot give – you need to keep going,” says Saad Abid, award-winning IVLP alumnus, environmental activist, community organizer, and national surfing champion.

Saad, who has spent his life pushing the limits, found his passion when he returned to his home country of Morocco after years working abroad. He joined us on MentorTalks on June 2 to talk about his path from surfer to environmentalist and community organizer, his recent struggles, and how he’s moving forward with his latest project, Saad Sees America. 

Learn how Saad went from setting up the Bahri Association, a non-governmental organization that aims to protect the ocean and raise awareness amongst youth, to his participation in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) “Galvanizing Youth for Environmental Protection,” what he’s gained from his IVLP experience, and how we can work toward a greener future, his recent struggles.

Saad was originally inspired by his father, who played soccer and would take him to the beach during his games, and as he slowly began to take up surfing, the feeling of riding the waves struck him with a feeling of excitement and adrenaline. Surfing, to Saad, was an ever-changing environment, with each wave providing a new challenge to overcome. As he continued to surf, he learned that this skill – flexibility and the ability to adapt to new environments – would come in handy throughout life.

During MentorTalks, Saad also answered several viewer questions and shared tips from his career as an entrepreneur. Whether it’s training for an Ironman triathlon or starting one’s own business, According to Saad, it matters less what you do, “as long as you believe in what you do, and you have this feeling of fulfillment that you did something important for your country.”

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