April 28, 2020

Qatari Alumni Break Stigma of Social Isolation

We are very proud of our IVLP alumni in Qatar, who -since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak - have embarked in relentless efforts to support their nation in combatting the pandemic. IVLP alumni in Qatar have been vocal about civic responsibility in the local Qatari press, stressing in articles and interviews the importance of adherence to social distancing and urging people to strongly consider the benefits of staying home for a while and provided them with tips on how to stay active while confined to their homes. They also called on fellow Qataris to volunteer to support the country’s efforts against COVID-19A. IVLP alumni have organized volunteer teams with the Qatar Red Crescent and produced a series of viral videoclips showing the teams helping in distributing food and supplies to the most vulnerable. 

Mohamed Atiq, a prominent Qatari artist and IVLP alumnus,  participated in a widely circulated public service announcement (PSA) from government quarantine – breaking the stigma of social isolation and the fear of being shunned as a possible source of infection. Check out his video:



Thanks to our colleagues at the U.S. Embassy in Qatar for sharing Mohamed's work with us! 

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