November 20, 2018

Sparking impact through entrepreneurship, tech jobs, storytelling, and community building

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is pleased to announce the Fall 2018 Alumni Impact Award winners. These exchange alumni are from different parts of the world, and each has managed to make a lasting impact on their communities after participating in the Professional Development Program. Read on for more about their outstanding achievements!

Patrick “Patch” Dulay, Philippines
U.S. Program Partner: American Councils for International Education (2016)
U.S. Fellowship Host Organization: Center for International Development at Point Loma Nazarene University

Patch Dulay is the Founder and CEO of Spark Machine Innovations, Inc. Patch built The Spark Project, an online community and crowdfunding platform, to support and connect Filipino entrepreneurs. Since its founding in 2013, The Spark Project has raised over $100,000 to support over 60 projects. In the past two years, Patch has gained significant recognition in the global community for his leadership, business development, advocacy, and mentorship.

During his placement at the Center for International Development, Patch used his creative eye and technical expertise to lead the development of an online platform dedicated to eradicating poverty. This experience allowed Patch to connect with other young leaders from all over the world and broaden his worldview. “The world seems a lot smaller now knowing that I have friends across the globe,” Patch says.

After PFP, Patch continues to reshape the entrepreneurship landscape in the Philippines by developing new policy with the Filipino Securities and Exchange Commission. He is also expanding The Spark Project offline through annual Spark Fest conferences that connect creative entrepreneurs and change makers.

Zeinab Abdelhamed, Egypt
U.S. Program Partner: Legacy International (2015)
U.S. Fellowship Host Organization: Washington Parks & People

Zeinab Abdelhamed uses her creative storytelling to generate a greater sense of pride and identity in her community through her work with the Heritage Lab. She is passionate about historic preservation, and has 7 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

During her placement at Washington Parks & People, Zeinab focused on engaging children in under-served communities. Through creative storytelling that explained the historic significance of the community, she encouraged the children to help her develop monuments and historic site markers that preserve their heritage for future generations

Zeinab recreated this project upon her return to Cairo. The “Arabesque” project encourages youth to appreciate the beauty and heritage of their communities, and it promotes civic engagement through powerful lessons and stories. She continues to collaborate with her colleagues from Washington Parks & People in order to expand the mission of her project.

Steve Coleman, Washington D.C.
U.S. Program Partner: Legacy International (2017)
International Placement Location: Egypt

Steve Coleman is the leader of Washington Parks & People, a citywide park partnership that has mobilized over 250,000 volunteers and transformed 230 green spaces across the capital. Born in India, Steve has lived in DC for 36 years. He spent three decades in non-profit service that focuses on community engagement and environmental advocacy.

Steve has worked as a mentor for four Professional Fellows from Egypt and Morocco since 2015, including fellow AIA winner Zeinab Abdelhamad. He traveled to Egypt in March of 2017 to continue to grow his relationships with fellows and to support their projects to strengthen civil society.

Steve feels that “PFP lifts up civic power, leadership, and innovation in ways that profoundly strengthen communities… The program showed me how simple people-to-people exchanges can knit our world together in ways that nothing else can.

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