December 9, 2020

Ugly Food & Data-Driven Strategies

How a beginner blogger combined digital strategy and “uncelebrated food” to form the perfect recipe.

How did a beginner blogger turn “uncelebrated food” into a recipe for success? Ranía Renno, author of Hungrily Homemade, offered insight into this culinary journey on our most recent MentorTalks episode December 15 on Facebook at @internationalexchangealumni.

“Everything I do is driven by data, in some form or fashion,” Ranía told us. In this way, she added, “I can continuously learn what’s working for my users and what isn’t.”

During this episode of MentorTalks, Ranía discussed her career as an entrepreneur and creator of Hungrily Homemade, as well as her experience in digital marketing and data-driven strategy. She also shared tips for those pursuing a career in digital strategy.

In addition, Ranía emphasized the importance of building a relationship with your audience – specifically by understanding what’s important to your visitors and listening to what your audience tells you through comments and direct messages. For example, to drive audience engagement, Rania noted that it is critical to identify features that can help boost one’s content, including hashtags and keywords, to maximize relevance and searchability of one’s content.

Get all the details and more tips on data-driven strategies and marketing from Rania’s interview on MentorTalks

More about Rania...

mentortalksRania Renno, Entrepreneur and Creator of Hungrily Homemade

With a long-standing appreciation for good food and community, Ranía Renno has been experimenting with and developing her own recipes for years. While it simply began as an opportunity for Ranía to disconnect and express herself outside of work in the kitchen, her hobby eventually turned into a way for her to serve others through her love of cooking.

For Ranía, cooking is personal – having grown up surrounded by the warm flavors of both traditional Lebanese and Palestinian food in her own household, she acquired a flair for the cuisine early on. Seeking to make known the rich diversity of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, Ranía started a blog in 2013 called the Hungrily Homemade. The blog details her passion for the "uncelebrated food" of Middle Eastern culture, while highlighting recipes and tips readers can bring into their own kitchens to embrace traditional Palestinian cooking.

The success of Ranía’s blog has been propelled by her career in digital marketing and strategy. Ranía has an extensive digital marketing background, and with a focus on data-driven digital tech solutions for large name brands, she understands the value of staying true to one’s brand. Ranía’s cooking and the food she brings to the table, coupled with her personality and genuine interest in the heritage and culture of food, highlights her love for cooking and serving others.

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