October 6, 2020

YALI Alumni Mobilize Youth Leaders to Counter Pandemic Disinfo

In response to growing disinformation activity related to the COVID-19 outbreak in the Central African Republic, the CAR YALI Alumni Association has led efforts to ensure that communities across the region have access to timely, accurate public health information.

In the Central African Republic, where there is less than 5% Internet broadband and only 40% adult literacy, access to accurate information surrounding the coronavirus is difficult to come by.

YALI alumni, in working with healthcare leaders, have mobilized their country-wide youth leadership network to combat disinformation by delivering printed COVID-19 information fliers, creating radio spots in local language for distribution, and training youth neighborhood spokespersons to educate their fellow citizens about prevention measures and early detection.

These efforts have strengthened community resilience and connectivity, while providing access to timely, trustworthy information and ensuring safe, preventative behaviors in household sanitation and hygiene best practices. Nice work, CAR YALI Alumni!

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