June 15, 2020

YLAI Alumni Training Others to Make a Difference

In February, Marizeth Beato was one of the 50 students selected for SDQ Creates, an innovation and product design boot camp led by Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) alumni Emil Rodriguez and Jeremy Losaw, along with design sprint experts Eric Gorman and Julia Jackson of Wily LLC. Marizeth co-founded Open Air DR, a collaborative team working to develop open-source, low-cost health safety products to combat COVID-19.

Through the boot camp, Marizeth learned design sprint methods and developed a prototype for ventilators using Particle, an Internet-of-Things cloud-based hardware, and a software platform. The ventilator helps infected patients that need breathing assistance but do not yet require intubation, addressing a crucial supply challenge for hospitals. Their ventilator design is being used and tested in a local hospital in the Dominican Republic. You can read more about this initiative here: https://medium.com/@wearewily/a-team-of-makers-fights-covid-19-in-the-dominican-d5e989a19404

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