July 28, 2014

Become a Host Family with the State Department


My name is Chuck Felak. We are from Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Our involvement in the YES program is because we've hosted two exchange students this past year.

YES is a scholarship that is available afforded through the Department of State. The two students that we're hosting are from Pakistan and from Bangladesh. Tuaha and Faysal are our 6th and 7th year-long students that we have hosted.

Because we had five children to begin with, we were used to having lots of people in the house and so when we get down to just 2 or 3 or 4 of us it seems a little slim.  So it made it easy to go up and bring 2 more in. All of the exchange students that we've had been really good and we've certainly enjoyed all of them.  

My name is Mohammad Tuaha and I am from Pakistan. I'm really I thankful to stay with the Felaks, that's my host family and they host us for a whole year. All year, they have gifted me knowledge, with love, with care, with everything.

My name is Faysal Bin Shakawat and I'm from Bangladesh and I am here as an exchange student. Since we have been living with a host family for one year almost, like we have made great relationships. I will always tell them that I love them and I think they kind of know. Like, every time I have I dinner with them like we hold hands, I feel like that I am a part of the family.

I would still say that even if its your first time that you go ahead and host a student. It is wonderful experience.

No matter where their lives to take them, these are experiences that are going both ways and will impact our lives forever.