June 13, 2014

Believe in Yourself!

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Khadija: My name is Khadija Bencekri I am a TechGirl alumna from 2012.
This is where I live in Zagora, where I study, where I teach girls. 
So, welcome! 
So what I have learned from TechGirls is that like Technology like can help us in our lives. We were in New York City. We visited Google. We interacted with them, like
We got the chance to meet them to know that about their experience to know that everything is possible. 
And after when we moved to Washington, D.C. We learned like some leadership skills, about community services about U.S. culture and more about Technology. We started classes. Actually I studied Java and how to build like mobile applications.
When Khadija returned from the U.S. she began teaching HTML classes to young girls in her community in Zagora, Morocco.
This year I've taught like Access students HTML basics actually like how to create your first webpage using codes. So I tried it, to give them the information like how do we create webpage, how can she like express herself using technology, how can she make her voice hear using technology.  
One girl, like when I was teaching her, she just came and it was a small girl, like a young cute girl, younger than me and she kissed me and she told me like, "You are amazing!" and that was like wonderful, actually! 
In January 2014, Khadija helped organized Zagora's first ever TEDx Youth talk. Actually what I want is like giving people another image about technology because most of them they don't know how to use technology, or they use it in one side.
But they don't know the wonderful things we can do with technology like we can interact with people, we can organize TEDx! [chuckles] Using Technology!
So I really want them to use technology in their lives, I really want them to use it in the right way.This is what I want to teach to my girls, to my friends like they only have to believe in themselves, they can do whatever they want! Like, we are women and we have power. 
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